Sunday, March 17, 2019


Aww!  Look at that sweet face!

I have been doing some home updates for spring!
Since I've been feeling spunkier (other than this dumb cold virus!),
it's more fun to do things around the house.
It doesn't seem as difficult.


I rearranged my closet again.  A few months ago,
I tried the Marie Kondo method of organizing darks to lights 
(because it supposedly raises one's mood as the eye goes from
left (dark colors) to right (light colors)!

I didn't like it.
I didn't like coming into the closet and seeing dark clothes first.
I want the closet to feel light and airy, not dark and gloomy.
This feels much better!

I tried folding up my pants in a drawer . . . 
I have a couple more pants than fit in this drawer, so I probably need to do
some weeding.  Most of them I truly do wear, though.

I updated my under-sink cabinet in the bathroom, too.
I got these nice turquoise baskets at the Dollar Store.

This is the medicine cabinet in the guest room.
Little floss containers and extra toothbrushes.

I got some new quilts for our beds.

This is the one for the master bedroom.

I love this pattern.

Looks pretty with the rest of our blankets.

The cats like how soft the quilt is.

Juvy always enjoys rolling in clean laundry.

The other day when I was getting ready to film,
Stephen and Allistair settled in.  They're helpful!

When I'm working, there are  often many cats in my office with me.
How many can you count?

Allistair  loves his Daddy.

AND his Momma.
The other day when I leaned over to put away my blow dryer,
he climbed onto my back!

Can you see Juvy's litle waggy tail?

And here's one of my favorite outfits lately.
jacket: Maison Jules (Macy's)
sweater: Maison Jules (Macy's)
skirt: Rekucci (Amazon)
tights & shoes: Target

Happy Sunday!

Monday, March 11, 2019

Texas Again, This Time For A Wedding

We went to Texas!  
For less than 24 hours for the wedding of one of Greg's work friends.

The floor of the airport was creative!

And there were strange wormy sculptures outside.

Here's Play-viation Park!  

Our gate kept changing, but we eventually got there!

We both shared my beautiful new suitcase because
we didn't need more room than that.

Here's what I wore.
sweater: Ross
blouse: A New Day (Target)
bag: Amazon (I think!)
pants: INC International Concepts (Macy's)
socks & shoes: Target

Dallas was cold when we arrived!  We could see our breath!

It misted or rained almost the entire time we were there.

I took pretzels and dried mangoes on the plane, in addition
to some baked potato wedges (I didn't like them cold) and a veggie burger (it crumbled).

Before a bridge, there was always a sign,
"Bridge may be icy in cold weather".

And the tags (which are normally on license plates in other states)
was in the inside of the car in the windshield!
Greg said it's because so many were getting stolen off cars.

Plano was our goal!

Before we checked into our hotel, we got some food at my favorite restaurant:

MMMmm! Such a BIG salad!

Before . . . 

(That olive jumped out and fell on the table,
so I didn't eat him).

We found our hotel, never fear!

There's an Ikea out there.

Pretty bathroom (but terrible lighting).

After awhile resting and reading, we got ready for the wedding.

I wore this (trade in ballet flats for the slippers!)
dress: Ross
tights, slippers: Target
bag: ?

I wore earrings brought back from India specifically for me by
the wife of a friend of Greg's (thanks, Pooja!).

Indians tend to be relaxed with their time schedules,
and we arrived right at the time mentioned in the invitation . . . 
so we got to see a lot of the set-up!
Look at this beautiful mandap!

Here the groom, his mother, and two cousins (the young women)
arrive at the venue and are welcomed by the bride's family 
with anointing and fruit.

There was a lot of food symbolism.
We threw turmeric rice on the couple more than once.

It was a game, it seemed.
But I read up a bit, and it may also be meant as a way to help open
their consciousness to their new responsibilities and situation in life
(turmeric is detoxifying and helps the brain pathways to open, supposedly).

and cumin on each other's heads and held it there quite a long time.

Here you can see some more of the outfits.
Obviously some people wore traditional clothing and some wore Western clothing.

The groom usually looks insane in photos, but this is the best photo we got of
the whole group of Greg's work friends. Can you see me?
Only married ladies got the dot and an annointing. 
The groom's mom was sweet and careful to explain to me that it was a way
of connecting happy marriages to the new bride and wishes for her to have a happy marriage.
I think that's lovely!

Here are a couple of photos of him looking happy!

Not only was rice a symbol, but we got to EAT yummy rice!
I chose the plainest, least spicy things.

I was REALLY tired afterwards (the rituals were still going on
when we left at 10:30 pm), but I still was able to smile a bit.

The next morning, we got up to head back to the airport again.

Here's what I was wearing:
jacket: Maison Jules (Macy's)
sweater: Ross
blouse: Charter Club (Macy's)
pants: 89th & Madison (Ross)
socks & shoes: Target

It was misting again.

We stopped at Natural Grocers to check it out
because we had some time before Salata opened again.

It was COLD.  In the 20s, I think, and quite windy.

I walked from the grocery store (where I bought a chocolate bar)
to Chipotle (where Greg got lunch).  Greg drove!

Then we headed to Salata again (a different one) 
so I could have a tasty lunch!

It was CHILLY waiting to return the rental car in the wind!

Can you see us in the mirror in the bus to the terminal?

I bought some sparkling water, and it was quite sparkly! 
Lots of bubbles!

This is one of the best stained glass windows I've ever seen.

It was in the chapel.

I did some reading and worked on solving some anagram puzzles
(I hate anagrams, but I struggled with them until I figure them out!  One of them
took me two days.)  I probably should practice a happy pleasant resting thinking face, but
when I'm thinking, I don't think about looking pleasant.

More pretzels, water, cran-apple juice.

We had a moment in Oklahoma City, and then we were on
to Phoenix!

This layer of clouds looks like tall mountains.

Look!  There's the Grand Canyon!

Snow along the lip of the canyon.

And then we were home!

Thanks to Dad and Mom for welcoming us home and picking us
up from the airport.