Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Precious Family Time

I was looking forward to spending some fun time with my beautiful nieces,
Cora & Esme.

I started out the day by choosing an outfit.

sweatshirt: Macy's
pants: INC (Macy's)
socks: Target

raincoat: Kenneth Cole Reaction (Poshmark)
scarf: Target

It was a cloudy, chilly day with spitting rain.

We picked up Cora first, and then went to get Esme!

Then we went to the library.

Look how cool it is!

I love this picture because it shows Cora in motion
(which she usually is), pulling up her pants (which is frequently necessary).
She's adorable and I love her to pieces.

I love this picture, too, because Esme looks to intent and interested.
She's gorgeous and I adore her.

We looked at how far away Minnesota is from Arizona.

Then we played with these plastic cylinders.

They go in this board and then the light shines through!
I made an E for Esme,
a C for Cora and Christie
a D for Dory (my Mom)
and a T for Tom (my Dad)!

Cora worked hard to fill in this heart.

Look at that FACE!!!

Then we played with these magnetic blocks.
I had fun making the blocks push each other along and hang off each other
at odd angles.

My parents checked out lots and lots of books (34, I think!)

We went to the Dollar Store!

One of the things I bought at the Dollar Store was a small bag full of
googly eyes.

The girls and I spent a few fun minutes adorning things around my parents'
house with EYES!!!

This one looks like an elephant!

There were lots of giggles.

I also bought some sticker mosaic art projects,
which kept Cora focused and interested for over 30 minutes.
She's very good at managing tiny little stickers!

Look at those big blue eyes!

Grandma and Grandpa bought Esme this cute little write & erase board.
She wanted us to write everyone's names on it.
It was very small, so it was tough to get the names to be legible.

I had the book "Creepy Pair Of Underwear!" shipped to my parents' house
as a gift for the girls.  It turned out to be a BIG HIT.
It's funny, the illustrations are adorable, and the plot is cute.
And don't all kids like reading books about underwear?! 

My Mom and Dad read lots of books to Esme and Cora.
Cora likes to listen to books in interesting positions
that demonstrate her flexibility.

Mark and Jillian stopped for pizza on their way over from work,
so I cooked this pizza and fully enjoyed it (to my surprise!)

Esme worked hard to label everyone's plates with names.







(she believed that Jillian should have an M at the end,
for some reason, and that W was her attempt!)


Here we all are!  The only one missing was Greg.

The Daiya pizza was much better than I expected.

And what a beautiful day!!!