Thursday, February 28, 2019

Cave Creek Hike

We went for a glorious hike in Cave Creek!

It was a VERY CHILLY week and the day we picked to hike, we got

It was a beautiful, perfect day.

We went to the Cave Creek Regional Park.

We chose a loop that ended up being a little over 3 miles.

We were wearing lots of layers because the temperature was in the 50s.

When we started, the sky was very dark.

There were wildflowers everywhere!.
The yellow ones are poppies!

These are our "there's WEATHER HAPPENING!" faces.

We started out going uphill.  You can peek down into the little canyon if you'd like!

Look at the pretty poppies!!!

Here is a visual representation of me (on the left) and Greg (on the right).

We were taking photos of each other at the same time.

The sky started to clear up into a bright blue.

PRETTY little puffs!

Look at how delicate and detailed these little flowers are.

This poppy is venturing out into the world.

We started out on the Go John trail and then changed to the Overton trail
to make a big loop.

Look at all the saguaros!

Here's what I was wearing for the hike.

This cute little backpack was a consignment shop find.
It's my favorite backpack because of the multicolored dots.
I love dots.

Greg's new truck did a great job getting us there and back in comfort!

We got pizza at Barro's after our hike.

Cave Creek does a great job with building stuff in between the cacti
so it's very pretty everywhere, even when sitting in a strip mall restaurant.


Hope you have done some fun and adventurous things lately, too!