Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rain and Cool Temperatures


We have been having more monsoon storms - hooray!!!

The clouds are BEAUTIFUL.

And when the sun breaks through, it's breathtaking!

Raindrops on our sweet acacia tree:

Raindrops on the front gate & sidewalk:

Our tiny cactus was a bloomin' fool!

Raindrops on the agave (aloe vera):

Red yucca flowers

Red yucca flowers & pods:

The hummingbirds love the red flowers, and the verdin love the seeds from inside the pods!
This is a wonderful plant to have in the yard (also, it requires very little water or maintenance!)

After one of our recent storms, I saw this in front of TJ Maxx.

And now on to the cats . . . 

Claude has been silly lately, and we LOVE it!

She has been playful and snuggly and willing to play (even when the kittens are awake!)

And then she laid under the chair with her little pink tongue poking out!

She is beautiful!  I just kept taking picture after picture because I couldn't get enough!

Allistiar snuggling with me while I was reading:

Juvy, enjoying some inside time:

Juvy, looking pleased and happy:

Juvy's little pink tongue!

Juvy's belly:

Stephen hiding behind my printer:

Stephen sleeping on unassembled curriculum pages:

Stephen, squeezing himself into the trash can:

If anyone else ever loses receipts or feels like they need a wallet that has more pockets, check this one out!

It's from WalMart and it was only $10!  I now know where all my receipts are. 
And there's room for cash!
And everything's labeled!

Here is one of my purchases this month.  I had it in my Amazon cart for probably more than a month, and the price kept going down and down and down until it would've been unreasonable NOT to buy it!
And I'm glad I did!  The colors are great, and the fit is, too.
dress by London Times
shoes from Target

Close-up of the shoes (x2)

Claudie wanted to be in the picture with me!

And a few years ago, my parents bought me these beautiful dangly earrings for my birthday.
And look at the colors: purple (amethyst), blue (aquamarine), and green (?), just like in the dress!
Not that anyone would notice that except me, but it made me happy all day!

Here's what I'm wearing today. 
It's from Loft, but I got it from TurnStyle, my favorite consignment store.

The pattern is little white leaves!
And I love the bell sleeves.

This dress is one I found on eBay for $11.
It's by Maggy London.

The pattern is little squares.

And it makes me feel happy!

This week at Target, I found this man spray.
It's called, "Really Ripped Abs" so I guess if you don't feel like working out, you can just use this stuff!

I decided that these two great bags (from Target) are going on my birthday list!

And I bought a new travel Bible because my old one is falling apart.
This one is bright pink metal!

I picked up a bunch of health books from the library this week and have found some treasures.  Will share soon. Our library is one of the prettiest I've seen.

And it's getting solar panels over the parking lot!

And I saw this face product at WalMart: Strikingly Unique Moisturizing Lotion!
The name struck me as being . . . strikingly unique!

And may you have a STRIKINGLY UNIQUE day!!!