Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sunsets and Shoes!

Due to the afternoon/evening storms we have regularly this time of year, 
the sunsets have been especially beautiful!!!

We haven't gotten much rain, but I hold out hope that we will!

In spite of the HEAT we've had and the lack of rain, my baby cacti are still okay!  
The previous ones we'd planted (a bit different) died after monsoon storms flooded their bed before they got established.  But these little guys are fine so far.  Thanks, Dad, for finding some little orphans we could adopt (my Dad picks out plants that look like they're on their last legs and brings them back to life with love and attention!  I usually kill plants, but cacti in the desert are a little easier).

Baby birds are hatching!

Sleepy Allistiar . . . 

Sleepy Juvy . . . with tongue out!

Shopping with Jen yesterday, I found this amazing denim jacket (at Dress Barn, believe it or not - I usually don't have much luck there) and it was 50% off the regular price.  

Look at the sequinned pockets!

 And the shininess on the buttons!

Also . . . shoes!

My local Target was having an amazing sale on their clearance shoes - the black & white polka dot sneakers were $14.99, but all the rest were $5.98!   I bought two pairs of the leopard print sneakers because one of them is going to be a wear-around-the-house pair that doesn't go outside.

Also, I found Zevia at Target.  It has zero calories and it uses a natural sweetener (stevia).
I like it more than the Veri I profiled last week.  Seems sweeter - and of course zero calories are better than some calories in a beverage!  The strawberry flavor is my favorite so far, though I also like the ginger ale!

Have a happy Tuesday!

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