Thursday, February 19, 2015

Flowers, Fuzzies, Pizza, Cacti, Dots


I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!  Greg bought me flowers, and
they're gorgeous!

I especially love these lavender roses.

And these pale vanilla ones.

Turns out that Stephen thinks roses are a special tasty treat!


 On Saturday, I did laundry and piled up the towels on the bed.
Two kittens got in them!

Matching eyes & towel!

So many whiskers!
(That's why we call Stephen "Eyebrows Mulligan")

The Mysterious Dot, Part 1

The Mysterious Dot, Part 2

Juvy sometimes waits at the front door . . . so we'll let her in!


On Monday, Juildeen didn't have school due to President's Day,
so I invited her and her Grandma over to make pizza.

Juildeen has learned how to "photo-bomb" - 
she thinks it's hilarious!

It looks all fun, but there was a bit of a behavior kerfluffle after we ate our pizza, so 
the day wasn't as fun overall as we had all hoped.


After they left, Greg & I did yardwork and it was lovely.
The weather was perfect for it - sunny with a light breeze.

Many of our cacti are blooming.

And our Chinese Elm trees are leafing out!

The weather was beautiful this whole week, and I saw these
tall and elegant palm trees at a conference I attended yesterday

as well as this perfect Hibiscus flower!


Today I wore this outfit and got some compliments.

dress: Calvin Klein
sweater: Merona (Target)
bag: Betsey Johnson

shoes: Roxy

Tomorrow is a shopping day with my Mom and my Auntie Deb, who's visiting for a week!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

13 Things

Haven't been feeling great this week and it gets really discouraging.
Don't worry, I'm not here to be sad, though;
here are 13 things that made me smile this week!

1.  Crazy Arizona plant

Saw this amazing agave outside Target. . .

Mom was amazed, too!

2.  Sleeping Juvy on my lap

3.  A super cute new outfit!

(and Mom in the background)
dress: Calvin Klein
bag: Betsey Johnson
shoes: Roxy

4.  All the beautiful scarves on offer at TJ Maxx

It looks like a painting!

5. This gorgeous, silly, upside-down bird

On Monday, this Gila Woodpecker came to our feeder.
We don't have a huge number of them in our neighborhood, so this was an exciting event.

6.  New purchase this week: Betsey Johnson wallet

bought from Ross for $16.99, original price $58!

Ooo!  Shiny gold inside!!!

7.  Cartoon advertising for fruit?  Yes, please!

8.  Sunshine, blue skies, and palm trees!

9.  Non-GMO corn starch

 (and only $1.99 at Target).
Corn is the most highly genetically modified food so far, 
so I was extra keen to find a safer version and I did!

Also gluten-free.

10.  Successful new recipe

I used it to make this lovely sweet and sour chicken.
Though the broccoli wasn't probably such a great idea.

For my parents' SuperBowl shindig,
my job was to make a turkey.

Greg's Mom's recipe seemed simple and very tasty, so I tried it.
I had to call to make sure I had all the details.

I also borrowed her pan.

11.  The turkey came out great!!!

Greg carved it up.

I found the wishbone

And we had a nice big container of turkey for sandwiches!

12.  Stephen brought me this umbrella cover as if it were prey!

13.  Dad and Greg playing foosball.

I hope your week has been excellent and that you're feeling spunkier than I am!