Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Watchin' Birdies + Mom's Wardrobe

Allistair has been watching birdies from behind the curtain . . . 
but then he gets frustrated that he can't see them well enough, so he sneaks under the curtain.

Here he is, as Maria Von Trapp:

And here he is with a cape:

Yesterday my Mom and I spent time creating outfits from some of the new things she's bought while she's been down here in Arizona this winter.  

Here are a few of my favorites:

black & white leopard-print + turquoise + turquoise pattered scarf

denim animal print skirt + either turquoise, pink, or khaki pants

navy sheer sleeves top + pink pants + rose-print scarf

black & gray striped maxi skirt + polka dot top + red sweater + leopard print bag

black & white striped top + purple jeans + watercolor print scarf

yellow top + pink pants + watercolor print scarf

Everything is colorful (my favorite!) and cheerful (another favorite!), and I'm proud that my Mom is willing and eager to play around with her clothes to wear them in new and fun ways!  What a great example for all the rest of us.

I printed out all 60 photos of new possible outfits (and that's with just the items she has here in Arizona - she's got lots more stuff in Minnesota - winter stuff, probably) and put them in a binder for her, along with her inspiration images that I printed from Pinterest and pulled out of magazines to give us ideas.  My own outfits aren't this well thought-out!

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Clean Closet!

This winter I have been going through a wardrobe revamp process to make it easier to get dressed and to figure out which purchasing errors I have made (stuff I don't use/wear, for example) so that I don't make those mistakes anymore.  This week I cleaned out my closet and now I love everything in there!
It's a nice feeling to know that I can pick out any piece of clothing and put it on and feel really good in it.

Obviously I love color and pattern . . . in March, my goal is going to be to add in solid summer tops. 

Do you see a little furry Claude face peeking out?

It has been nice any sunny for us in Arizona (unlike for you in the midwest!)
Bjarne enjoys the sunshine:

Cute fuzzy little Claude:

Little Claudie toesies!!!  Look at the fuzz coming out from between her toes!

 Claude very much enjoys closet clean-outs!  She likes lying on top of clothes of any kind!

 Stephen likes drooping over the arm of the couch.

Look how silly he looks!  Like a sloth!

Allistair cleaning himself while keeping his crazy tail in line!

And Stephen found a surprise under the quilt!
YouTube link

Allistair knows what to do if he is chilly!
(Though he didn't really have a reason to be chilly - it was 80 degrees F here today!)

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Desert with Dad

I had the joy of hiking on Friday with my Daddy!
It was a beautiful day, with a high in the low 70s (though out under the sun, it felt hotter).

We saw an interesting beetle that was taller in the back than in the front 
(maybe he was trying to look big so we'd be scared of him?)

I couldn't get enough of the gorgeous blue sky, sprinkled with white clouds:

 This Cholla (pronounced: "CHOY-uh") had a bird nest in it!

Look at this fantastic Ocotillo, blooming against the beautiful blue sky!

A teeny-tiny little purple flower (it was about 1/8" in diameter):

Cactus spikes, all in a row:

Cactus hairdo:

Ocotillo growing around a Saguaro:

Massive, multi-armed Saguaro! 

More beautiful sky! 
I think I was walking with my eyes on the sky most of the time!

A little chipmunk (on the rock in the middle of the photo):

Dead Cholla:

Cholla bones, close-up:

My favorite Dad:

Three amigos! 

Desert vista:

And In-N-Out to refuel!

Thanks for a great day, Dad!!!
I love you and I'm thankful you and Mom choose to spend time in Arizona in the winter!


Baltazar was part of our family from November 2, 1996 to February 4, 2014.  
He was a friendly, silly, cuddly blessing, and we are thankful to have enjoyed 17.5 years with him.

He was a wonderful little brother (to Niobe, who passed away 3 years ago) and a wonderful big brother (to everyone else!), even when the kittens (Allistair & Stephen) came into the family and had no idea that they maybe shouldn't flop down right on top of him to enjoy his soft cushiness.

He was a love.  He blessed our lives, and we miss him.

in 1997!

Baltazar being sweet while enjoying catnip!

Baltazar's cute little "mrrrr-ow" and close-ups of his sweet face:

We miss you, Baltazar.