Monday, February 3, 2014

Catnip Monday!

Today is Catnip Monday!
Having a bunch of catnip at least once per week helps everyone stay calm and relaxed.

Here is what it looks like for five (nay, SIX!) cats to enjoy catnip:

Stephen has been especially cute over the past few days.
He has been "hunting" big prey . . . 

. . . and choosing which toys he wants to play with

I love how he brings his chosen toy right over and drops it in my lap!

Bjarne has also been cute.  At least when he's sleeping!
He's still whining a lot . . . but he doesn't seem to be in pain, so we guess he's just feeling communicative.  About what, we're not sure!

We were blessed to "celebrate" the Super Bowl with my parents (in Arizona for the winter).
We had lovely food and a wonderful time.  No one cared much about the outcome, but we do wish it had been a closer game.  I always feel sad for the team that loses (especially when they lose in that manner!)
Does anyone know why spicy food is the preferred choice when watching the Super Bowl?
Everyone at Target the day before was buying chips and salsa and cheese dip . . . 
I love it, and I love how colorful everything is!

(it probably isn't the absolute best thing for a Crohnie  . . . )

Have a wonderful week!

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