Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I am almost fully recovered from the cold I had (this morning was the first morning the coughing didn't wake me up instead of my alarm clock!) - hooray!

I am feeling energetic, too!

Yesterday I got most of lesson #31 written, and today I'm editing the illustrations and getting it all printed up for delivery on Friday.  I LOVE getting a new lesson finished - it reminds me of how good the lessons are.  And they look very nice all bound up in their glossy binders!  Each lesson is getting more exciting now because there are only 35 lessons in total, and I am finishing the 31st today, meaning that there are only FOUR more lessons to go until the whole sequence is FINISHED!  After almost three years, the Chirp Special Needs Curriculum will be complete!  There will be some editing left to do after that and I have lots of additional ideas to update lessons and make them even more user-friendly, but the main lessons will be done.  I am planning to celebrate!

My digestive system is still doing fairly well . . . though I did take a risk and have some raspberry jam a few days ago.  Raspberries are not good for me because of their itty bitty seeds (and so MANY itty bitty seeds!)  Also, we had tuna cheese melts for dinner a couple days ago, and they're made with mayonnaise . . . and for some reason that doesn't sit well with me anymore.  So those are off the dinner schedule.  Anyway, I'm having a little discomfort the last few days, but nothing like before.  And I'm learning what is okay and what isn't.

The cats have been wonderful and extra snugly (especially Stephen).

Maybe one of the reasons for this is the new tool against cat fights we purchased:

It supposedly puts out pheromones that mimic a mother cat's calming scent so that cats are less afraid and nervous.  Reputedly they will not fight as much, pee where they shouldn't, or be as scaredy.  The reason for this purchase was that Stephen has ALWAYS been a fraidy cat.  (If you haven't been reading long, click here to see a post about Stephen and Allistair as kittens and you'll understand why!)  They couldn't see for the first few weeks of their lives because they had terrible eye infections (and they had fleas!) and Stephen just has a nervous disposition on top of that inauspicious beginning.  And every once in a while, he would get "switched to evil" and just start attacking and attacking Allistair until poor little Allistair would say "Eep!"  We would chase him around and yell and squirt him with water and he just couldn't seem to turn his aggression off.  We thought maybe this might help.  So far (it's been a week), we haven't had any more fights, and Stephen is much more lovey.  He has been crawling up into my lap and playing fetch (more on that later!) a LOT and being more sociable and friendly and sweet and calm.  We'll see if that continues!  Each container lasts about a month.  So far, I highly recommend it!

Allistair tried to sit on a very small box and it couldn't support him:

Allistair cuddling up to Daddy:

Allistair enjoying fuzzy blankies:

Baltazar, blurry, but happy:

And here are some funny videos of Stephen playing with hair bandies.  
He likes to play fetch.  In these videos, he was choosing which hair bandie he wanted based on the color (he likes the dark-colored ones best!)

Fetch, Part 1:

Fetch, Part 2:
YouTube link

Fetch, Part 3:

And Allistair, pretending I'm his cat mama:
(p.s. the long scratch on my hand in this video is from me getting in the middle of a cat fight . . . good thing we got that pheromone diffuser!)

I hope you are having a wonderful week so far!

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