Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Desert Walk In Winter

I hope that 2014 is joyful and peaceful for you, and that your relationships to God and people get deeper.

On my way to church on Sunday, I saw this hot air balloon drifting along.
They are very peaceful.

I went for a long walk yesterday and, happily, took my camera!

Beautiful trees against the gorgeous blue sky

Ripening grapefruits: 

Some hair and a denim moto jacket with earbuds!

A bunch of palm tress looking stately

And the happiest news of all today, my LOVEBIRDS are back and living in the same palm tree!
Look how adorable they are!

These two Lovebirds were friendly with this other bird:

For a while, it looked like they were even sharing little kisses!

Here is some video of the Lovebirds making cute little whistles and peeps!
(Excuse the shakiness of the video - I was pretty zoomed in and trying to hold my arm steady!)

Also, Allistiar got chilly yesterday and burrowed under the quilt in my office/the guest bedroom.
Look how cute he is!!!
Stephen was interested in what that lump in the bed could be . . . 

Happy January 1st!


  1. LOVED hearing the Love birds. Your dad will enjoy them too. The green palm trees are beautiful too. We will see some the end of Jan when we go to St. Petersburg. So excited for you that Dad & Mom are coming your way. Teach your mom the "new way" of coordinating outfits appropriate to olders so she can teach me. Wish I could be there for a first hand demonstration. Love U & A Happy & Blessed New Year to you !!!

  2. Love all the beauty and soothing sounds!!! Now I can experience them!!!!!!!!