Saturday, December 28, 2013

Post-Christmas Fun

Claude enjoying the festivities

We hope your Christmas celebrations were relaxing and fun and spent with the people you love the most!

Greg and I were with ourselves and 5 (6, if you count Juvy, outside) cats to open our presents.

A card from Greg's Dad and Step-Mom . . . what could it be?

Amazon - hooray!

Two Sigur Ros CDs from my brother and his family:

Greg got a Chromecast! 

 And some cool cameras . . . one is already set up in the garage so we can watch the cats out there from in the house!

Allistair liked opening presents!

And both Allistair and Stephen planned to ambush Claude, who was calmly playing with a mousie amongst all the wrapping paper.

With Mom-ESP, my Mom somehow knew that I had just recently broken my travel mirror!

And Greg generously bought me a new phone (the Moto G!)
I have been having a BLAST getting it all set up (and getting all my Star Trek sound effects organized!)

My parents also found this adorable owl pillow (I named him Olliver!),

The softest jammies ever!

And a beautiful leopard-print sweater!

Obviously, I am very happy to receive a TJ Maxx gift card! 

Thanks to the wonderful people who generously gave gifts to us this Christmas.

Next post will be our day-trip to Green Valley!
Be excited: you will hear about me eating cactus fruit and you will see what Santa would look like if he were a Saguaro!


  1. Looks like you had a marvelous time. Nice seeing all the pictures!!!

  2. Even though we aren't with you this makes us feel part of the fun. Thanks for sharing.