Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cat Antics + Wilderness

Today I'm giving you the videos first because I have some really cute ones!

Claude enjoyed chasing the laser dot!  Her fuzzy little paws are so cute!

Allistair was disturbed by the dishwasher:

Introduction to the new mousies!

Stephen playing fetch with a new mousie.
He carries mousies by the tail!

Bjarne was pulling the mouse-on-a-stick, and Stephen was chasing the stick!

And on to the photos!

Life has been quiet here this week because I haven't been feeling well (AGAIN).  
I rested a LOT and watched TV/movies and snuggled kitty babies.  All of which makes me feel happier!

They like to snuggle on the couch!
From top to bottom:
Allistair, Baltazar, Stephen, Bjarne

Greg has been getting the baseboards painted so he can install them in the hallway over the new beautiful flooring!  Hopefully this will happen over his Christmas break (next week!)

Sweet Bjarne nosey.

Brr!  It got cold!

When we get a "freeze warning," people cover up their less freeze tolerant plants with sheets and blankets.
Our neighbors covered their tree!

Allistair and Baltazar snuggling.

Allistair and Bjarne snuggling.

Allistair likes to chew on the Christmas tree . . . we keep squirting him with the water squirter and he keeps getting in there and chewing, stealing bows off the packages, and trying to tip the tree over!
But he's really cute . . . 

Juvy comes in a little bit (if she's willing to stay in one place where we can see her).
Here she is, looking elegant:

And Stephen has been especially handsome this week!

Except when he's busy being silly!

Greg and I went out into the desert to try to get some photos for our Christmas card . . . not super successful (I am a harsh critic of photos of myself - Greg looks EXCEPTIONALLY handsome in most of them, and it's great to see his STRAIGHT teeth!  Thank you, Invisalign!)

But on the way there, we saw a coyote (!) crossing the road and some vultures (a committee of vultures!)
congregated around a carcass . . . 

Here's a footprint I found!

The Gila (pronounced "HEEL-a") River even had water in it!

Here's Greg in the wilderness, setting up the tripod.

 And here we are . . . I am poking Greg in the ribs really hard in the photo, trying to get him to make a face - and he stayed calm and handsome.  Grr!

 Off to do yoga . . . I'm all achy and stuff from the Crohn's business flaring up a bit, and yoga helps settle it down (and it helps me feel calmer and less sad).  Yay for yoga!

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