Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kittens Discover Christmas

Winter has come to Arizona!
As you can see from these photos, we DO get leaves changing color here in the desert!
This morning it was 39 when I left home, and the trees know it!

The other day I was looking out at my backyard Chinese elm trees and every time a breeze blew through, many leaves would drop - it was like a yellow rainstorm!  Beautiful!

Stephen hid under the blankets as I was re-making the bed yesterday.

Here is some video of this adventure!

Allistair likes to sit on my lap and relax.
Today he wasn't relaxed, though, because there were BIRDIES at the birdfeeder!
He had to stay ALERT!

Today Allistair discovered their Christmas gifts!  
I had some catnip mice tucked into little stockings and some crunchy foil balls in a little bag.  First, he stuck his head in the bag under the tree and pulled out the crunchy balls.  So I figured it was best to take off the packaging and let him play with them.  THEN, he stood up on tall legs and reached for the stockings.  Here's the rest of that story . . . 

Part II

I probably am the last person in the world to know about Scentsy (and I'm not getting paid for writing this or anything), but I just got a generous Christmas gift from the family of one of my 1:1 students at church today.  It is a ceramic container with a lightbulb in it, and little cubes of wax (like chocolate!) that are scented.  They melt when you turn the lightbulb on and smell nice.  I think it's pretty cool not to have an actual live fire in the house (as with candles) - no whiskers will get burned off!  Today my house smells like "Christmas Cottage" 
(smells like cinnamon, apple, clove, etc.)!

The countdown to Christmas is on . . . THREE more wake-ups!
Need some fresh Christmas music?  Try Dancer and Prancer!  Consider it my Christmas gift to you.  

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