Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Post-Thanksgiving Graditute!

Happy post-Thanksgiving!

We had a good meal (pork loin and fancy potatoes)

and M&M cookies!

We snuggled:
(clockwise, from upper left: 
Stephen, Baltazar, Bjarne, Allistair)

We enjoyed some beautiful sunsets:

And we did our Christmas decorating!  Greg put up the lights outside, and I did the inside stuff.

While Greg was putting up the lights outside, Allistiar and Claude were watching from the inside guest room.

Allistair was a little concerned about what was happening.

Here's what you would see if you came over for dinner!

Welcome!  Come right in!

Inside, I put up quite a few beautiful ceramic artworks my Mom painted.
These gorgeous carol singers are a happy memory from her (always fantastically decorated) house.

We are doing "easy Christmas" this year (3 boxes of decorations instead of 8 and the minimalist tree rather than the one with every ornament I have ever collected since I was born + tinsel + lights).  This one is a gold tinsel tree with great big retro multi-colored lights.  You can see it glowing in the above photo. 

Later on, Allistiar decided to  burrow under the rug, and I snuck over and started taking tons of photos.
Most of them turned out ADORABLE, so I had to post almost all of them!

This is my favorite because his little ears are folded down!

Allistair also decided to steal a bow from a Christmas package I was wrapping . . .
YouTube link

I hope your weekend was an excellent one, too!
Are you still eating turkey?

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  1. Your house looks nice and Christmasy! Thanks foir the compliment about my decorating. Makes me feel happy. I can't believe the kitties were so interested in what was going on outside!!!!