Thursday, November 28, 2013


To other American readers, happy THANKSGIVING!
We are having a very minimalist Thanksgiving this year. I didn't feel energetic enough to make a huge meal AND I don't want the whole holiday to be centered around food.  I don't even like turkey much.  I meant to make ham, but I went to three different stores to find a nitrate and preservative free ham, which sits better with the Crohn's business than regular ham.  No store I visited had one!  So I am making a pork loin and cheesy potatoes (known by my family as "fancy potatoes").  We'll be having ginger snaps for dessert.

So far this morning, we have been wandering around in our pajamas (soon to be remedied), playing with the cats, and watching our DVD fire.  We plan to go for a walk (high of 72 and sunny today - perfect!) Tomorrow we may go for a short hike.  Everything will be low-key and relaxed, which is nice.  Greg's off work for a week + and I delivered / shipped three lesson binders yesterday, so I don't have to work on curriculum stuff for a little bit.
(But it's always on to the next lesson so I can get a little ahead!)

We have had a lot of cloudy weather this fall, and I enjoy every moment!

Yesterday the clouds looked bumpy.  I liked that I could still see the sun on the other side.

Stephen decided yesterday to sleep on top of Allistiar (and both were on top of my clean skirt pile!)

And Allistair decided to sleep on top of Stephen, too!

It's very convenient to have a brother!

But if a brother isn't around, try making a tent.

In spite of Bjarne's advanced age and hyperthyroidism (that's why he's so fragile and skinny - and whiny!), he still plays like a crazy sometimes!

I have been getting vitamin D by spending some time outside every day in the sun.  It's part of my plan to modulate my mood and keep it stable, even when my energy is low.
me in our backyard

Juvy doesn't mind a bit!
She is very snuggly, and she loves to pose for pictures!

The leaves dropping off the Chinese Elm Trees are deep on the ground now.

Here's a little video of the leaves drifting down.  Beautiful!

I usually sit on a blanket because otherwise little bugs bite me
and I get itchy red marks on the backs of my legs.
This is what we did today.
(I am reading THIS BOOK).

I am thankful for the life God has given me and for the people who love me and encourage me.
If you are one of those people, THANK YOU!

Today may you be surrounded by family members and friends who love you, and may you realize that you are BLESSED beyond measure by the God who loves you even MORE!

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