Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fish & Veggies

I am going to start right off with a quick health update!  I continue to get better a teeny bit at a time (I believe it's thanks to the LDN).  This week I decided I was going to try cooking the dickens out of some safer veggies (vegetables with no stringiness and no seeds - the ones I consider safest are peas and carrots.  Last night I made a dinner with green beans that had been cooked a long time in a sauce, and they were delicious!)  So I boiled the peas and carrots for about 30 minutes and they were so soft that I could have successfully eaten them with no teeth at all.  I made swai filets with honey glaze and feta to go with the vegetables, and it all tasted wonderful.  We'll see how I feel over the next few days, but I would be VERY happy if I could eat vegetables with my meals again.  I am still eating one small cameo apple every day and they are sitting well.

Cats like more snuggles when the weather's chillier!

Top to bottom: Greg, Bjarne, Allistair, Baltazar

And they like finding sunny places to nap

Left to right: Allistair, Stephen, Bjarne

Claude is lured out of seclusion by the open window in my office - she likes to watch (and smell!) the world go by.

Such a pretty profile!

Stephen and Allistair steal the best spot often enough that the lamp shade is white from Allistair's fur . . . ! 

The weather has been beautiful.  I love the color of the Arizona sky in the fall and winter!

One of my really cool birthday presents was this suncatcher!  I hung it from my rear-view mirror in the Cube, and it shoots rainbows everywhere when the sun hits it!  It makes me happy every time I'm driving anywhere.
Thanks, Dad & Mom!

I took the picture of our toothpaste for a reason . . . 

To remind me to tell a funny Allistair story.

He has learned that water comes out of the faucet, and he likes drinking water from the faucet.  But his timing isn't always great. Yesterday when Greg was finishing up brushing his teeth, Allistair jumped right into the sink at just the wrong time!  You can imagine the minty-fresh kitten that ensued!!!

I even have a couple of cute videos for you in this post.

First, laundry day!!!

And here are some kitties getting comfy in the nice warm sun:

Happy weekend!

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