Monday, November 18, 2013

Chicken & Rice Soup Casserole

I am LOVING this autumn!  The weather here is still warm in the afternoons (I think it hit 80 today!), but the mornings and evenings are cool.  This week we are having some cloudy days, and I think it's expected to rain later on in the week (yay!)  I am fascinated by the moon, and I got a pretty decent shot of the full moon the other night with the clouds.  The above picture is from our front courtyard with the tile roof on the left side and the Sweet Acacia tree on the right side.  

Some of the clouds drifting by have beautiful golden linings (much better than boring ol' silver linings!)

And sunsets light up the sky!
Apparently they are extra nice here because of all the dust in the air (and there were "high particulate" warnings last week . . . 

Our babies have been snuggling like there's no tomorrow:

I read a new recipe online and got a craving to try it, so I cooked up a batch of chicken & rice soup today.  I chose to make 1/4 of the amount called for (and it still left us with THREE containers of leftovers!), and I made some modifications to the ingredients.  I used Pamela's Gluten-Free Pancake and Baking Mix instead of regular flour (good change!)  I added some frozen vegetables (good overall change, but sadly, I dumped the bag in before realizing that it was an old, pre-Crohn's bag, and it had corn in it - boo!)  I added some extra spices not called for in the original recipe (good change).  I also put in a lot more rice than the recipe called for because I didn't want a bunch of leftover rice sitting around that wouldn't get eaten, so my version ended up being a casserole instead of a soup.  It tasted good.  :)  I tried to dig out the little corn kernels, but I know a few snuck into me.  Hopefully they don't wreak too much havoc.

We have two containers of it in the freezer now if anyone needs a couple of meals delivered! 

I also made gluten-free breadsticks to go along with it.  Yum!

I made five dusted with cinnamon and sugar rather than plain - you know, just because sweet treats make me happy!

Here's a link to the original recipe!

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