Friday, August 31, 2012

In the Tub!

First a few adorable photos from the last week!

Allistair on Christie's desk (of course, he likes to sleep ON whatever papers she needs, if possible;  he IS a respectable cat, after all!)

Two brothers on the couch together (Christie bought a new faux-fur blankie at Target for less than $14!)

Stephen looking pensive:

Allistair on Christie's papers again! (You'll see the printer in the background).

Pink ears!  

Stephen looking sleepy and cute:

Allistair ears down, nose up!

And now I get to show you video of the kittens and their roller-derby in the tub.  They go especially crazy when anyone is in the shower, so Christie put ping pong balls in the tub to occupy them safely.

Allistair likes crumpled up paper, and he likes to grab it and take it up on top of things.  Here is took it on top of his favorite new scratching cone:

And they have figure out the cat flap! Stephen figured it out much sooner.  They go out and hunt packing peanuts from our shipping boxes (stored in the garage) and bring them in for us.  One time Stephen brought in an old dried-up hairball from Baltazar that he found.  "Look, Mom & Dad, it's a mouse!"

Right now, it's time for morning crazies.  They are making all sorts of racket and running from corner to corner of the house and crashing into things.  Their feet across the floor sound like horses' hooves.

 How they survive kittenhood without brain damage is a miracle!

Happy Friday!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Fish & NEW Scratching Posts!

Kittens come up with the silliest places to squiggle into!
This is a big glass fish that Christie's parents bought in Mexico before she was born.
This fish is therefore quite old.

And then, there's this!  New scratching posts!  Christie found them at Target (of course! They seem to have everything!) and was impressed with their look and their price ($14.99).  They will look stylish just standing around the house (much like cats ourselves!)

I promised before Christie & Greg's vacation that Christie would post some video of Allistair's reaction to Greg's guitar . . . well, here it is!

A masterpiece in five parts.

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

Part V:

Hope you enjoyed these videos!  We cats are happy that you have taken time to appreciate us.



Hi, this is Juvy again - I have been absent for a little while, during which time Christie & Greg have gotten settled in again after their summer vacation.  We all did very well while they were gone.  Ms. Echo, our babysitter, came over every day.  She kept me separate from everyone else just to be safe (I still tend to search out other cats on the sly and try to destroy them).  

Christie & Greg are happy to be home, I can tell.  Christie kisses me a lot right on my nose, and Greg tweaks my ears.  The kittens and the other residents of the house are getting a lot of snuggles, too.

One of the first items of business to take care of was getting the boys neutered.  That took place today.  Stephen bounced right back and is as fierce as ever.  He's playing with ping pong balls right this moment.  Allistair, however, has dampened spirits.  He just seems sleepy.  It's understandable that he would have been affected more, since we discovered that Stephen weighs a full pound more than Allistair does!

And now, on to the important things: here's me on the back of the chair, looking pretty.  I am happy pretty much all the time.  I'm happy to have a family, I'm happy to have kittens to take care of, I'm happy to be getting round and sleek instead of scrawny and scruffy.

Christie had to take her special gluten-free lunch and snacks to a conference last week, so the cooler was fair game in between!  Ignore the piled-up recycling; Christie was letting the kittens play in the boxes (is that a good excuse?)

Stephen likes to snuggle.

This is what happens if Allistair jumps on the counter AGAIN.  He does it about 1,000 x per day and gets very wet.

Stephen looks alert and intelligent! 

Here is Allistair watching the Olympics.  

Some really cute play videos to follow (they are getting edited right this minute by Christie!)

If you haven't already seen this Japanese kitty, please go on over and meet MARU!  :)

Thanks for checking in on our little family!


Sunday, August 5, 2012


From Christie: We are finally home from vacation!  We spent two weeks (plus two days!) in Minnesota, visiting our families and friends from college.  It is wonderful to be home, and the babies are all happy to see us!!!

A few photos from our trip.

My family (clockwise, starting from me, in the yellow dress): Christie, my husband Greg, my brother Mark, Mark's wife Jillian, my Dad, and my Mom.

Me on the lake . . . ahhhhh! 

Greg canoeing (yes, I was in back, steering the canoe - I have amazing canoe skills!)

The roiling sky before a scary storm (that stranded us on the wrong side of the lake!)

The school in which my cousin's wedding was held is called Totino Grace, and it's named after the Totino family - makers of the famous and delicious frozen TOTINO'S PARTY PIZZA!  I used to love those before the gluten-free business was required.

More spooky clouds.

And on to kitty pictures!  Juvy is relaxing on the coffee table.

Allistair snuggling and lookin' cute.

Oh, and here's a little friend I saw in Minnesota!

Stephen enjoying the cushion by the window.  

Hope you have had a wonderful couple of weeks - more kitten videos and photos will be posted soon!