Sunday, August 5, 2012


From Christie: We are finally home from vacation!  We spent two weeks (plus two days!) in Minnesota, visiting our families and friends from college.  It is wonderful to be home, and the babies are all happy to see us!!!

A few photos from our trip.

My family (clockwise, starting from me, in the yellow dress): Christie, my husband Greg, my brother Mark, Mark's wife Jillian, my Dad, and my Mom.

Me on the lake . . . ahhhhh! 

Greg canoeing (yes, I was in back, steering the canoe - I have amazing canoe skills!)

The roiling sky before a scary storm (that stranded us on the wrong side of the lake!)

The school in which my cousin's wedding was held is called Totino Grace, and it's named after the Totino family - makers of the famous and delicious frozen TOTINO'S PARTY PIZZA!  I used to love those before the gluten-free business was required.

More spooky clouds.

And on to kitty pictures!  Juvy is relaxing on the coffee table.

Allistair snuggling and lookin' cute.

Oh, and here's a little friend I saw in Minnesota!

Stephen enjoying the cushion by the window.  

Hope you have had a wonderful couple of weeks - more kitten videos and photos will be posted soon!

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