Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Birthday Prescott Trip With Jen!

My birthday is on October 26 (yay!), and Jen and I went to Prescott for a fun day trip!

It was a lovely day - sunny and slightly breezy.

The leaves in the square were turning colors and falling whenever a breeze ruffled the trees.
It filled a hole in my autumn-starved self!


There was a little leaf tornado in the road!

 We ate a a place called Bill's Pizza (yes, they had gluten-free pizza available!)

It was delicious pizza - the best I've had in a long time.

There was local art displayed (and for sale!) on the walls.

Love the red-checked tablecloths!

Very pretty old buildings:

One of the metal fences along the street had these lovely little flowers:

 And humorous residents!

This is Granite Creek:

Prescott Brewing Company had cobwebs and ghosts!

Jen bought some shoes in this little shop:

Here's my outfit!

And the shoes on the top are Jen's new ones!

On the way out, we saw the "P" Mountain!
P for Prescott.

It was a wonderful day - I can't wait to go back!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Packing Again

I've been walking most mornings around 6:15, and the sunrises have been amazingly beautiful.

I love the pink clouds and the palm trees.

I also really like this plant.  It looks like waxy scoops inside other waxy scoops.

I also ordered some new glasses from an online place, Zenni Optical.
Amazingly, these glasses (with prescription, including prism, and frame!) were less than $50.

The first pair I ordered was waaaay too embarrassingly large for my face (my face/head look normal, but hats are always too big and so are glasses!), so I eventually ended up with a pair that is geared towards kids.  But they fit great!  It's fun to wear pink glasses, and I think the shape is good for my face.

Greg & I are headed to Minnesota soon to see our families (and meet my new little niece, Esme!)

I'm planning outfits!

Here are some close-up outfit ideas . . . 

I am planning two top combinations for each bottom.
sweater: my dreams
jeans: DKNY
blouse: Merona

pants: can't remember
tee: Merona
denim shirt: GAP

olive pants: can't remember!
sweater: Merona (Target)

red jeans: Macy's
floral blouse: Macy's
"Ahoy" sweater: Old Navy

teal jeans: Macy's
black & white striped sweater: Merona (Target)
light blue cable knit sweater: Old Navy

green cable knit sweater: Old Navy
polka-dot jeans: Forever 21
navy striped sweater: Merona (Target)

My little kitten babies were snuggling the other day.
I assume the slightly chillier weather made them want a little extra warmth.

Though it's 89 degrees F as I write this! 
NOT autumnal!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

FALL is here!

Hooray!  Fall is FINALLY here!

I've even been baking.  
The other day I made M&M cookies.

And tonight I made some banana bread.
The windows are all wide open and the house smells delicious!

H&M displayed cozy knits in an unexpected way - as HEADS!

I have found a lovely unscented lotion that is working quite well for me
AND it rates only a two on the EWG's dangerous chemicals scale.
If you're in the market, I recommend this one.  I found it at Target.

All the rain we've had lately has caused some unexpected consequences:
Our biggest agave collapsed upon itself!
All that was left standing was one tall spike up into the air.
It's like the agave is giving us the finger - how rude!

I stuck my foot in the picture so you could see how BIG this monster is!
And in the process of putting my foot in the picture, a spike got me on my middle toe and I was bleeding.
It must have some poison in it because it ached for a couple of days.

The cats are wonderful to snuggle when the evenings are darker and (slightly) chilly.

Stephen sat on my lap while Greg & I were watching Columbo.
Look at his long legs!

Allistair was all relaxed by my side.

And Claude was snuggling her Daddy:

Fluffy baby!

Claude & Allistair, sniffing the interesting world:

Juvy, looking cuddly:

 She likes hiding (partially) in a little blankie tent.

So pretty!

I bought a little crunchy kitty sack for the babies to play in, but Allistair prefers to sleep on it. 

"I am a prowling beast, watching you through the tall jungle grasses . . . beware!"

"Actually, I think I'll nap . . . these tall jungle grasses really tire me out."

Here's a little montage of all the weird ways Allistair sleeps:

Belly Up:

Wedged In A Fortress Of Pillows:

Tongue Out:

Criss-Cross Paws:

Two kittens in the window:

Stephen in the window:

Two kittens snuggling:

Sweet Stephen, sleeping upside down with his tongue out!

And a quick update of a recent outfit will round out this very full post!

Dots and Greens (worn on Sunday to church):
dress: Maggy London
jacket: Tulle
bag: Kenneth Cole
shoes: Aerosole

And it made me happy to see my chemise and robe hanging next to each other this morning!
Don't they look pretty?

Happy Autumn!