Friday, October 24, 2014

Packing Again

I've been walking most mornings around 6:15, and the sunrises have been amazingly beautiful.

I love the pink clouds and the palm trees.

I also really like this plant.  It looks like waxy scoops inside other waxy scoops.

I also ordered some new glasses from an online place, Zenni Optical.
Amazingly, these glasses (with prescription, including prism, and frame!) were less than $50.

The first pair I ordered was waaaay too embarrassingly large for my face (my face/head look normal, but hats are always too big and so are glasses!), so I eventually ended up with a pair that is geared towards kids.  But they fit great!  It's fun to wear pink glasses, and I think the shape is good for my face.

Greg & I are headed to Minnesota soon to see our families (and meet my new little niece, Esme!)

I'm planning outfits!

Here are some close-up outfit ideas . . . 

I am planning two top combinations for each bottom.
sweater: my dreams
jeans: DKNY
blouse: Merona

pants: can't remember
tee: Merona
denim shirt: GAP

olive pants: can't remember!
sweater: Merona (Target)

red jeans: Macy's
floral blouse: Macy's
"Ahoy" sweater: Old Navy

teal jeans: Macy's
black & white striped sweater: Merona (Target)
light blue cable knit sweater: Old Navy

green cable knit sweater: Old Navy
polka-dot jeans: Forever 21
navy striped sweater: Merona (Target)

My little kitten babies were snuggling the other day.
I assume the slightly chillier weather made them want a little extra warmth.

Though it's 89 degrees F as I write this! 
NOT autumnal!

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  1. I LOVE the sky pictures too...God's creation is so beautiful. Outfits look good. If you had been here this week you would have wanted some lighter things but next week is suppose to be more "normal" and in the 50's. So excited that you get to come home and visit and especially to celebrate your bday.