Wednesday, October 15, 2014

FALL is here!

Hooray!  Fall is FINALLY here!

I've even been baking.  
The other day I made M&M cookies.

And tonight I made some banana bread.
The windows are all wide open and the house smells delicious!

H&M displayed cozy knits in an unexpected way - as HEADS!

I have found a lovely unscented lotion that is working quite well for me
AND it rates only a two on the EWG's dangerous chemicals scale.
If you're in the market, I recommend this one.  I found it at Target.

All the rain we've had lately has caused some unexpected consequences:
Our biggest agave collapsed upon itself!
All that was left standing was one tall spike up into the air.
It's like the agave is giving us the finger - how rude!

I stuck my foot in the picture so you could see how BIG this monster is!
And in the process of putting my foot in the picture, a spike got me on my middle toe and I was bleeding.
It must have some poison in it because it ached for a couple of days.

The cats are wonderful to snuggle when the evenings are darker and (slightly) chilly.

Stephen sat on my lap while Greg & I were watching Columbo.
Look at his long legs!

Allistair was all relaxed by my side.

And Claude was snuggling her Daddy:

Fluffy baby!

Claude & Allistair, sniffing the interesting world:

Juvy, looking cuddly:

 She likes hiding (partially) in a little blankie tent.

So pretty!

I bought a little crunchy kitty sack for the babies to play in, but Allistair prefers to sleep on it. 

"I am a prowling beast, watching you through the tall jungle grasses . . . beware!"

"Actually, I think I'll nap . . . these tall jungle grasses really tire me out."

Here's a little montage of all the weird ways Allistair sleeps:

Belly Up:

Wedged In A Fortress Of Pillows:

Tongue Out:

Criss-Cross Paws:

Two kittens in the window:

Stephen in the window:

Two kittens snuggling:

Sweet Stephen, sleeping upside down with his tongue out!

And a quick update of a recent outfit will round out this very full post!

Dots and Greens (worn on Sunday to church):
dress: Maggy London
jacket: Tulle
bag: Kenneth Cole
shoes: Aerosole

And it made me happy to see my chemise and robe hanging next to each other this morning!
Don't they look pretty?

Happy Autumn!

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  1. Fun post. LOVE the polka dot dress. Yes, we are enjoying fall here too, sooooooooo beautiful. Since we don't have kids to take care of now we were able to do 2 day trips. One to the North Shore and the other to the Minnesota Arboretum. Fun, Fun, Fun. So excited that you get to come home for you & your Mom's bday :)