Friday, October 3, 2014

Beware: Cat-Heavy Post!

I had TONS of adorable cat photos on both of my cameras, so let's just jump right in!!!

Stephen climbed up in the clothing drying rack!

Allistair heard something funny and sat up like a meerkat.  I love it!

 Wookit Juvy's soft widdle white belly!!!! 
She's very cuddly.

And here's her sleepy little face!

When I work in my office (also our guest room) instead of in the great room on my laptop, I usually get kittens.

Stephen likes to sleep on the bed.

Allistair likes to sleep on my desk!

He frequently snores and twitches.

The weather has FINALLY been cool enough for us to have the windows open in the mornings and evenings (even overnight - hooray!)  The kittens are finally old enough and calm enough that we don't find them hanging by their claws from the screens anymore, so we can let them sit in the windowsills and sniff the smells.

But sometimes they get chilly and need to burrow!

I'm not sure why Allistair looks so disgruntled - maybe Stephen is stamping on his tail?

This morning, a hummingbird came right up to the screen and started teasing Allistair. 
Hummindbords are extremely smart and I think they know that the cats can't get them, so they flit right by their noses to be funny.

Stephen was not amused!

Last week, we found a little caterpillar in our tub!

We think he might be a Palm Caterpillar, but I'm not an expert on bugs by any means!

On the way to church lately, this truck has been parked on the side of the road in a rural-ish area.
Do you think meat chips are like smaller chunks of jerky?

Our sunsets have been beautiful, as usual.

And I got two new dresses!

This one is by London Times and has a beautiful color palette of deep pinks, plum, and greens on a black background.  It will be nice for fall and winter.

And this one I am wearing to pieces already (it's not actually in pieces!)
I love the fit, I love the wrap style, I love the 70s color scheme, and I love the pattern!
dress: Emma & Michele
bag: Betsey Johnson
shoes: Aerosoles

It makes me feel cute, and we can all use a dose of that!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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