Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Travel Skin Care & Make-Up

Wanna see which skin care products and make-up I took with me around the world?

Allistair and Stephen thought you might want to know, so they helped me film a video.

Check it out!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

NZ Day 10 - InterIslander Ferry

This was the day we got to drive the car right ONTO the boat
and travel from the North Island to the South Island!

We had to get up very early (4 am)
to make the 6:30 check-in time.

I expected something sort of fancy, but the drive-in area was right next to the train tracks. 

We left this part in the car:

Here's a video of the process!

We got on the ferry, all safe and sound thanks to Greg's superior driving skills! 

I wore red and blue and stripes not even realizing I was dressing in a manner worthy of a sailor!

rain coat: DKNY from TurnStyle Consignment
pants: Soho from Ross
socks, shoes, sweater: Target
blouse: eci from Macy's

Ah, good!
Our life boats. 

We wanted to watch everything from outside, but it was surprisingly windy and cold! 

We looked at the map of where the ship was headed.

And took a bunch of photos: 

Then we found a table inside looking forward. 

Greg found some lighthouses on shore!

Then he had lunch - appropriately enough, it was fish and chips!

 I kept wandering around, discovering different parts of the ship.

As we got closer to Picton,
the sides of the fjords got closer and prettier. 

The guy standing next to me was a Kiwi by birth who now lives in Canada.
He said the trees on much of the edges of the land are new growth planted for forestry purposes.
The darker trees behind are old growth and natural foliage to this area. 

I see Picton! 

And then we drove off the ferry and we were on our way to Pohara
(another three-four hours by car!) 
The circle with the line through it means no speed limit beyond what's safe, though the maximum is 100 kilometers per hour.

The All Blacks is the national rugby team. 

From here on, the road became very mountainous and curvy and we both kept our eyes and brains on the road.  So no pictures from that part!

And then we found Pohara!

Here's Greg, carrying in some luggage! 

Look at our cute little beachfront motel! 

And there's the ocean, visible from the front door!

Here's our little motel room.

Great kitchen! 

Cute little orange couch! 

But who could resist that water? 

Not me!!! 

Do you know what a sand ladder is? 

Evidently, it's just logs laid across a hillside horizontally.
Worked fine for us!

Ha!  I gave Greg a mohawk!
(It's a spiky plant).

Here's the no-mohawk version.

Selfie time! 

Then we found Greg a takeaway! 

Almost every place in this tiny town had gluten-free options.
The lady at this takeaway shop said, "And why wouldn't we?!  We need to have an option for everybody or else it's just not fair!" 

We saw a few signs that indicated we should watch for penguins!
We didn't know penguins lived in this part of the world.
Apparently in May, they're usually out to sea doing their mating penguin thing. 

These pine trees are incredibly bizarre. 

 We took a few last shots on our way back "home" as the sun was setting.

And then Greg had some chips and a sandwich and I had some rice and beans -
a great ending to a great day!