Sunday, September 28, 2014


Our new constant companion is this lovely dehumidifier.
We have been moving her around from room to room to get the nasty damp smell (it smells like FEET!) out of the house from the roof leaks.

Allistair is on guard against her.

"Mommy, WHY is that machine so noisy?"

Everyone has gotten used to the dehumidifier and the fan running all the time, but they don't love it.

I would like the white noise if the dehumidifier didn't blow out hot air.
And only when I'm not working on editing a video.

We had a roofer come to inspect, and he discovered that our roof doesn't actually follow roofing protocols.  In Arizona, there's a special water-resistant felt over the roof boards, and there are tiles on top of that.  The job of the tiles is to protect the felt from the intense heat from the sun (second job - direct the water where it should go: down the spouts).  Well, the felt is supposed to overlap by about 3" and ours only overlaps 1".  So it's sort of a shock that we were okay until now, considering that we've lived here 18 years!

From now on, keeping things dry inside would be a problem because the felt is curling up underneath the tiles and it's impossible to tell where the next place will be that has a major issue.
So it's time to replace the roof.  He's working on an estimate for us.  

We really liked the company - before the appointment, they sent us lots of helpful documents about roofs, roofing, and questions we should always ask before getting any roof work done.  Our guy was actually a few minutes early for the appointment, and he was thorough and thoughtful.  He explained everything well and we feel better educated and as if he really knew his stuff.

So I'll keep you informed on what happens . . . we want to get the roof taken care of before we do any interior fixes/updates because . . . 

YES!  We got another HUGE storm last night!

I have never seen a rainstorm like this one since I lived in Arizona.
I now have a 1:1 (special needs) classroom on Saturdays, so I had to drive in it, and it was pretty scary - if I hadn't been so intent and focused on driving carefully, I would have probably turned around and gone right back home.  It was almost like a blizzard (but with huge scary puddles to throw around the cars instead of black ice).  I snapped a quick picture of the road when it was safe.  The visibility was probably about 1/4 mile.  And it lasted for the entire 30 minutes of my drive plus almost the whole time I was at church (2 hours), though it was intermittent.

And there was a lot of lightning!

 Don't worry; Juvy was safe inside with her Daddy.

Happy, dry, and cozy.

I'm VERY thankful I ended up getting there Saturday afternoon because it was one of the most amazing class times I can remember.  One of our students really connected with the story for the first time and was asking wonderful questions related to it about Jesus and Heaven (the story was "Jesus Was Punished For My Sins").  He's got enough cognitive and language ability that I could answer his questions, but I'm GLAD that I wrote this curriculum because I already had the words in my head at the right level for him language-wise.  Children with special needs can't grasp abstract ideas very easily, so each lesson is broken down into easier bite-sized morsels, and I'm thankful that I know all those morsels because I used a lot of them when talking with him.  Anyway, it was amazing and such a blessing to be part of God working in this little guy's life and heart!

Also, I got to see this fantastic and adorable little man, hard at work!

He had a mop as well as a towel under each shoe, and he was using them all to sop up water!

And I got home safely, too - and at home, Allistair slept on the clean towels.

And made a little fort for himself behind the pillows in a chair.

yes, he left some fur on the chair!

And while Greg was changing a light bulb, both kittens got up on the ladder! 

"Yes, I am the king of the ladder!"

Today is bright and sunny and only 87!
Here's hoping that most of the heat is gone for this year!!!

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