Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Kitten Needs His Mommy

Clouds lead to the most beautiful sunsets here . . . 

I'm happy to say that we are expecting more monsoon storms tomorrow and this weeekend!
Clouds are rolling in right now . . . :) 

You can tell if I've been feeling energetic and healthy because when I am, I post.
Obviously, since I haven't posted anything for a while, I haven't been feeling at the top of my game.  

I don't know what is causing this, but I am exhausted and weepy.  I can tell that I'm getting depleted because I get extra super irritated at stupid drivers on the road and because when I think of doing sort of active things I normally enjoy, like going to wonderful Target, I feel like crying!)

So today, the cats and I are resting and watching many "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episodes.
I don't want to have a horrible grumpy evening like I did after too much work yesterday.
Poor Greg - sorry, honey!

Allistair is always happy when I have a rest day. 

Yesterday afternoon the cats were all naughty (fighting, making lots of noise, scratching on stuff they shouldn't scratch on) because they hadn't been getting enough love because I had been too busy.  They like it when I'm home and when I can drop everything and snuggle them when they require snuggles.

Allistiar also loves yoga.

This is usually how my corpse pose (savasana) looks:

Sometimes Stephen is also rubbing on my head or bringing me his hair bandie to play fetch.
Any time Mommy is on the floor is FUN TIME!  Or Snuggle Time!

Our tallest cactus (I don't know which kind it is) has bloomed over the last few days, and today when I went outside, this fruit had dropped off!  I didn't see the fruit while it was connected, so it was quite a surprise!  It looked juicy and was the texture of a mango, so I sniffed it so see if it smelled good.  I'm tempted to plant it and see what happens.

This is the cactus and some of the blooms. 
I haven't seen them open - I wonder if they do it at night like a lot of other cacti.

And if you are near a Target, GO RIGHT NOW and get some of these wonderful t-shirts.
I love things with stripes (or dots), and I got one forest green crew-neck t-shirt with navy stripes and one black & white striped v-neck t-shirt, as well as one solid french blue v-neck.  They are currently 3/$24.  Good deal!  I'm sure I will eventually pick up more colors (I don't really like short sleeves, so it's nice to have these 100% cotton shirts during warmer weather - I can just roll up the sleeves).  And of course I love the striped ones!  

One negative is that I am wearing a large.  I am only 5'5" and not very large-framed, so there really is no reason I should be wearing a large . . . they seem to only go up to extra-large; what are taller/wider women supposed to do?  I will be commenting on Target's website to similar effect.  

Since I'm having a rest day, I am wearing all comfy cotton, and the stripes are making me happy.

Here's my outfit today. Cute, and feels like jammies!!!

Close-up of the stripes.
also, look! that loooong scar on my hand is faded almost completely away!
I used this cream and it made a big difference.

At Ross yesterday, I found this cutesy little bag:

It's from Betsey Johnson, and it has dots AND stripes!

Also, it's tiny, and can be used as a handbag OR a crossbody.
Clever, and good - since it's so small, I won't be able to pack it full of stuff and cause myself a sore shoulder when I shop!

I hope YOU are feeling full of vim and vinegar 
(but that you also have plenty of rest days and plenty of snuggles)!

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