Friday, August 31, 2012

In the Tub!

First a few adorable photos from the last week!

Allistair on Christie's desk (of course, he likes to sleep ON whatever papers she needs, if possible;  he IS a respectable cat, after all!)

Two brothers on the couch together (Christie bought a new faux-fur blankie at Target for less than $14!)

Stephen looking pensive:

Allistair on Christie's papers again! (You'll see the printer in the background).

Pink ears!  

Stephen looking sleepy and cute:

Allistair ears down, nose up!

And now I get to show you video of the kittens and their roller-derby in the tub.  They go especially crazy when anyone is in the shower, so Christie put ping pong balls in the tub to occupy them safely.

Allistair likes crumpled up paper, and he likes to grab it and take it up on top of things.  Here is took it on top of his favorite new scratching cone:

And they have figure out the cat flap! Stephen figured it out much sooner.  They go out and hunt packing peanuts from our shipping boxes (stored in the garage) and bring them in for us.  One time Stephen brought in an old dried-up hairball from Baltazar that he found.  "Look, Mom & Dad, it's a mouse!"

Right now, it's time for morning crazies.  They are making all sorts of racket and running from corner to corner of the house and crashing into things.  Their feet across the floor sound like horses' hooves.

 How they survive kittenhood without brain damage is a miracle!

Happy Friday!


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