Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Christie says that Stephen & Allistair are the most people-oriented kittens she has ever known.  This is amazing, considering that they were born in a rosemary bush in the front yard and spent their first few weeks full of fleas and with raging eye infections.  Stephen was especially affected - he was very shy and hissed and spit at everyone who came anywhere near him.  Click here to see the very first post about Allistair and Stephen.  Click on the video that says, "Here's a story!"  You'll hear how we found Madge's litter of kittens (Allistair, Judith, Lionel, and Stephen) and how we rescued them.  Click here for the first photos of them!

Now they both start yelling, "EEP!" if they can't find us and come running when we come through the door.  ADORABLE!  (Though I admit that cooking is challenging because Allistair wants to "help"!)

Allistair also enjoys exploring new and exciting destinations!  Here is an example: the shopping bag hanging from the kitchen chair!


And now I'll just sit here and look cute!

It's my own personal indoor hammock!

I have many fans.  They like it when I pose for them.

And Daddy thinks I'm cute, too!

Of course, there are many cute moments throughout each day!

Allistair's cute face close-up.

Stephen got under the fuzzy blankie and cuddled in.  

Here's me!  Christie caught me giving her lovey-dovey eyes and quick snapped a photo.  I enjoy hanging off the edge of the couch like a monkey.

Stephen resting on a stack of towels (and Mommy's jammies!) in a basket by the end of the bed.

Allistair using his tail as a blankie.

Allistair getting a bath from Stephen!

Playing with felt mousies:

Baltazar watching the ruckus.

Claude investigating the worm (with kittens in the vicinity)!

Update on Baltazar

Allistair WILD with the mousie:

On the ladder!

Stephen in a soda box:

More soda box:

Crazy orange worm:

Stephen playing mousie:

Thanks to everyone for checking up on us!


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