Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sweet Juvy!

Hi!  It's Christie writing today.  I needed to make sure to document how adorable Juvy is!  Now that's she's feeling all better, she is tons of fun.  She is sweet and chatty and she is excellent company.  
Got some cute videos of her being her cute self.

Playing ball:

Playing ball some more:

And getting some scritches:

Of course, the kittens were adorable today, too!

Ermine has a favorite toy now!  It's a weird little silver sparkly ball.  When she's playing with it, she growls at any other kitten who comes near her!  She doesn't growl at her mama, though.

Juvy is a very good mama, and she makes certain that the kittens are very clean (even if they would rather be dirty!)

Here's a story!

And some cutesy photos from today! 

Ermine crawled into the laundry basket and snuggled into the clean socks. 

Orca and Juvy snuggled and looked out the sliding glass door.

Then Orca slept by me while I worked.

Ermine got tucked into their favorite faux-fur blankie.

And then Ermine took a little rest on my sweatshirt.

Such beautiful kittens!  

Please continue to pass this website on to allllllll your friends and family members.  I know there must be people out there who have been thinking about adopting a kitten, but they want to make sure they're getting a new family member who will be a loving addition.  Well, let me tell you, these kittens and their Mama Juvy LOVE people!  

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