Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Steps Forward

Thank you, Christie, for posting for me while I was really sick.  I am starting to feel much better, though I must admit that I'm not eating or drinking as much as I should.  I pretty much just want to sleep, but I appreciate my readers enough to use a few minutes to write a short post.  Christie has been spending so much time ferrying me to the vet and trying to convince me to eat and drink that she hasn't had time to take new videos and photos of the kittens, but she'll be back to that soon, because now that the antibiotics are working, all I need to do is sleep and sleep and sleep.  I plan to do that all day.

The news from the vet today is that my fever is going down and the swelling from the mastitis is decreasing.  I am not in as much pain now as I was, and I can walk now, so I can make it to the litter box by myself.  (Sorry, Daddy, that I peed in your pajamas!)  I ate a little food from a dish last night all by myself, but I'm likely to eat more if Christie uses the syringe to help me.  I'm not energetic enough yet to exert a lot of energy eating, but I do love how that Critical Care food tastes!  

The vet said that the bright fluorescent orange pee could have been because I hadn't eaten for a few days.  Sometimes that causes cat's livers to make too much bilirubin, which makes the pee orange.  This does mean that my liver is stressed out, so I'll need a long time to recover.  I'm thankful to have a safe and comfy home in which to do just that!

Here are a couple more photos from Becky.

Here is Bear being fierce!

Becky said that Bear was calm on the ride home, but Oreo tried to gnaw her way out of the carrier.  Bear has always been calm.  That's why Christie took him to the vet with the Ermine when the Ermine had an eye infection.  He's a good influence!

Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers, and I will keep working hard on getting better!


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