Friday, May 11, 2012

Argh - But Then Yay!

It's Christie again - Juvy's mammary glad opened up yesterday and started leaking, and we had to go back to the vet (fourth day in a row!)  Thankfully, Juvy is a trooper and doesn't mind the car so much.  Well, at least she doesn't howl the whole way.

The vet said it's not unexpected that Juvy would lose some tissue.  In fact, they have been telling me that her skin may "slough off". . . I just didn't expect it to be so disguisting and oozy.  So we have to go back every day for a little while in order to have the wound flushed.  Thankfully, it's mostly a cost of time - they're not charging us much for the actual flushing.  

Please be praying that Juvy would start eating and drinking on her own.  I still have to syringe food into her a number of times per day because she won't eat on her own, even though she thinks it tastes good and even though she sniffs it appreciatively.

We had to move everything around in our house, because we only really have one place for a cat to be in seclusion, and it's the guest bathroom.  Since Juvy has had to be separated from the kittens, we had her in the master bedroom, but she hid under the bed all the time and I couldn't get her out to feed her and inspect her.  So now Juvy is in the guest bathroom and we have blocked off the kitchen (tile floors!) with big boxes so the kittens have a nice big space to roam.  They are very personable and have done a great job continuing to use the litter boxes appropriately, but they do a LOT of howling because we can't be with them every minute of the day.  

On an up note, the kittens are hilarious and FULL of personality!!!  They are racing around in a little herd, and they LOVE people and other cats!  They follow our three non-related-to-them cats around like little puppies (even though our cats aren't thrilled by it!)  They play with everything.  And when we stand still for 5 seconds, there's at least one kitten on our feet!  

I took videos yesterday of them racing around and coming into contact with our other cats.  Hope to edit, compress, and post tomorrow.

Bear and Oreo are doing well at Becky's house.  They, too, are getting along great with the previous inhabitants of their house (big dogs!)  Kittens just aren't afraid of anything, and other animals seem to think, "Hmmm . . . I don't know what that is, but it doesn't seem right to eat it."

But sisters are nice to have, too.

Later addition:  the vet said Juvy is much better hydrated today, and the wound flushing went easy as can be.

    I am typing this with three kittens playing on my lap.  Orca is pressing keys and biting my fingers, Ermine is climbing up my shirt to play with my hair, and Otter is attacking the other two.  I think all 0- ----------------------------i8----------onf them are purring.  The whole house to explore and they just want to be right wwwwwwwww='''''''''''hon top of me.  Very cute.

They all just climbed up on the keyboard and added their own particular kitten flair to the above paragraph! Hope you enjoy it!  

I DO actually have work to accomplish today, though, so I hope they go to sleep on me or next to me on the blanket so I can get some things done!
Greg playing under the door with little white feet (ignore the weird grafitti on the cement floor - we're redoing our flooring!)

Happy Becky Mommy holding her babies!

In the time it too me to write this, I thought of situating them right by my head (I'm sitting on the floor with my back against the couch) on a very fuzzy faux-fur blankie that all our other cats love.  After spending some time digging around in my hair, they have decided that the blankie is awesome, and they're now both purring and happy and NOT on my laptop.

P.S.  I unrecommend the Liver and Chicken Iams Kitten Food pictured a few posts ago.  It's probably the liver, but the smell of that food was HORRENDOUS.  I had a headache a few days ago, and just walking into the room where that stuff was being eaten almost made me barf.  Buy the chicken and rice or the turkey.  Liver is GROSS.

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