Friday, May 18, 2012

Photos of Little Crazies

Of course, in the photos they always look adorable and calm and peaceful.  If Christie tries to take photos when they're not sleeping or very, very tired, the photos are blurry!

Thanks for asking about my health.  I am feeling MUCH better!  In fact, my big open wound started healing and I don't have to go to the vet every single day anymore.  On Thursday, the vet put in four staples to hold the edges of my wound together to facilitate it closing all up.  Once it closes, I don't have to take the horrible antibiotic by mouth anymore - hooray!

I haven't been the nicest kitty in the world today.  I'm ashamed to admit that I attacked Bjarne, Christie & Greg's middle cat.  He decided to hang out in the garage all day after that (there's a cat flap out there and Christie & Greg don't park cars in there or open the garage door ever).  Christie yelled and grabbed me and put me (gently because of my wound) back in the guest bathroom.  I knew I had been naughty, so I purred and tried to be extra cute.  Hopefully once I get spayed, I won't have the desire to be that fierce.

Here are some photos from the last couple of days.  Christie has some videos on tap, too, for posting tomorrow.

Three kittens eating all in a row!

Little Otter, looking sleepy!

Otter, again, adorable!

Ermine in the magazine basket!  (Reading this month's InStyle!)

Orca sleeping in the fetal position.  They're very floppy when they're asleep.

Orca awake on the couch.  Looking curious.

Orca peeking from behind the quilt.  (Thanks, Jillian, for the BEAUTIFUL quilt!)

Otter chasing Bjarne's tail.  The tail is in motion, as is the kitten's paw!  But Christie & Greg's older cats are getting used to the kittens and they aren't minding them quite as much.  It does take a little bit of supervision. I must say, the older cats aren't in love with the kittens yet like everyone else is, but they are very tolerant of the little ones.

Otter looking alert and interested!  (If you look carefully in the background, you can see Baltazar, the handsome orange cat on the chair).

Goodness!  All the photos seem to be of Otter today!  Here she is looking cute AGAIN!

Orca giving sleeping LOVE eyes . . . (one of Christie's graduate school colleagues used to say his cat was shooting "sleepy vibes" at him when she did eyes like this . . . "you are getting sleeeeeeeepy . . . "

Orca getting comfy in Greg's slipper.

Ermine sleeping upside down - ahhhhh!

Happy Friday to you all!  It's the weekend!  Christie and Greg are very happy because this has been a difficult week for them.  Good thing they have me and my kittens around to help them appreciate the beauty and humor in every day life!  God did a great job when He made us!

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