Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Small Steps Forward

Juvy had to go back to the vet again today because her pee was bright orange and that can be a sign of liver damage/disease in cats!  Happily, she's not yellow (jaundice is a sign of liver disease, too, and can't really be mistaken for anything else), so the vet said we'll wait and see.  I'm going to assume that the orange pee is because Juvy was so dehydrated that her pee was concentrated and extra strong.  Her mastitis seems to be a little better, and she showed a little more spunk today.  Today she drank some evaporated milk before the vet visit, got a whole bunch of subcutaneous fluids at the vet, and then even ate a tiny bit of food off a dish (rather than me having to feed her with a syringe!)  When she started licking food herself and ate for quite a while, then started washing herself (which cats don't do when they're really sick or in pain), I thought, "She is improving."  I am still alert and not exactly at peace in my mind, but I have more hope than I did this morning.  

Hope she doesn't pee in Greg's pajamas again tonight! 

The story behind that is that she couldn't walk far because she was in pain, and without us knowing that, she got up in the night last night, had to pee, and couldn't make it to the litter box, so she used Greg's discarded pajamas (we're night-time nudists at our house) as the best option at the time.

I will keep you all informed what the vet says tomorrow morning and also the signs I see of her getting better.  Hopefully there will be lots of positive signs tomorrow!

More good news: the Bear and the Skunk went home to be with their forever family!!!  Becky and her kids (Alex and Abbie) are the new family of Bear (still called Bear) and OREO!!!  Abbie (even though she's tiny herself!) decided to make the kittens a quilt to welcome them to their new home.  Sweet!  Here are some photos Becky sent me of the kittens acclimating:

They have new family members - BIG ones!  But kittens aren't really afraid of much.

Look at their shiny blue beautiful eyes!

Here is a picture of sweet Abbie with the quilt she made for the kittens!  What a nice "Welcome to your new home" present!

I am thrilled that these precious babies have such a wonderful new home.  We'll be posting updates on them whenever Becky sends some more news.

Please keep up the prayers for sweet Juvy.  She's being well-loved and well-taken-care-of, and we're hoping that (plus all the medical interventions!) will be enough to get her through this and back to health!

Thanks for caring and loving this little fuzzy family!


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