Friday, May 25, 2012

Bouncy, Flouncy, Trouncey, Pouncy!

Wow - these kittens continue to get cuter every day.  Their fur is fluffing up and they are fuzzier than ever.  They are also bouncy, flouncy, trouncey, pouncy, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN!

Everyone plays crazy with toys.  Even PAPER is a toy!

And Ermine has learned to growl and practices it to guard her favorite toy:

Then comes the first time the kittens and I experienced the dishwasher.  I tried to be brave, but honestly I was putting on a front for the kittens . . . I'm thankful Christie was there to talk me through it.

Here are some cutesy pictures from the babies sleeping today. They play crazy, but they also sleep crazy!
Ermine sleeping:

Orca sleeping:

Otter sleeping:

All three babies cuddled on their favorite blankie (left to right: Orca, Ermine, Otter).
These kittens are just like CANDY!

Happy Memorial Day, and THANK YOU many times to all those brave soldiers and their families who sacrificed for our country.  Thank you also to those who are doing so right this minute!  May God bless you and protect you.  



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