Saturday, May 5, 2012

Eating Real Food!

My kittens are very SMART!  They have started eating hard food out of the bowls!  And I don't know how it's possible, but they just keep getting cuter!  The Skunk, even though she's the smallest, was the first one to eat hard food.  She stuck her front feet into the bowl and buried her face in the food, licking everything a little before actually getting any into her mouth and chewing it.  Very funny!  Skunk looks like a cute little pixie right now because her face is delicate and sweet and her ears are folded down a bit at the tips.  CUTE!

Ermine eating:
The kittens are also getting in the baby litter box and digging, just like a grown-up cat.  They haven't actually used it for - um - you know, the appropriate purposes, but they are sniffing around in there and getting the idea of what it's for!

The kittens have taken to climbing on Christie & Greg's feet.  If Christie sits down on the floor with her legs outstretched, at least one kitten (usually the Ermine or the Orca) crawls up on her feet and bites and chews them.  Weird!

TWO kittens on the feet!

They're learning how to take a bath . . . but sometimes it involves falling over:

Christie bought us a new scratching post, and it's fun to hide in there and watch the kittens from my little haven.

Our new scratching post and climbing tower:

Me hiding:

Me hiding some more (my glowing eyes in the dark are like a dragon in a cave!)

Sometimes being a mommy is tough . . . the kittens love to pounce and wrestle (fight!), and sometimes they even attack me!  The Otter and the Ermine are especially feisty.

Here are a few photos of glorious fuzzy kittenness!

Bear is definitely a handful!  (Okay, not behaviorally!)

Look at Orca's little sweet face!

And Orca looks relaxed, but ALERT:

Ermine is so feisty when she's awake that she needs to sleep extra hard!

Orca's white whiskers are beautiful against her black face.

The Otter forgot to pull her tongue back in!

The Bear in the cave looking tasty!

With love,


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