Monday, May 7, 2012

Chris & Tia's Kittens!

Chris & Tia were kind enough to send over some more video and photos of the kittens they are fostering.  They're a treat!

If you happen to know anyone who's looking to adopt, we would love to hook them up with Tia & Chris.  They have been great foster parents and they're ready to foster the next litter that came up (currently living in my next-door neighbor's front foliage!)  Together we're trying to clean up our neighborhood and get all the cats spayed and neutered and vaccinated so they can stay healthy even if they don't have inside homes.

In case you forgot, there are three at Tia & Chris' house: a little black kitten, a little black with speckles kitten, and a little calico kitten (white, black, and orange!)

Their Mama is also a white, black, and orange calico.  She only has half a tail!  She's amazingly beautiful and friendly.

Chris feeding one of the babies.  A different neighbor (who wasn't very well educated when it comes to cats - but who was well-intentioned!) moved the kittens at first when she found them, and then their Mama couldn't find them, so Chris & Tia had to hand-feed them for a little while until they found the Mama and reunited the family.  Such a sweet story!

Little Calico.

Everyone with their sparkling blue eyes!

Like Mama, like baby!

This is a kitten on a mission!  (Perhaps she is a secret agent!)


Please pass this link on to everyone you know. Everyone loves looking at cute kittens, and maybe together we can find these cute little guys wonderful homes!

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