Sunday, May 13, 2012

Running WILD!!!

Christie & Greg have introduced the kittens to the rest of the family!  I haven't met the rest of the family yet properly (except under the bathroom door) because I'm still sequestered.  My infected mammary gland has opened up and is a huge horrible awesome gaping wound that looks like you can see right into my abdominal cavity.  The vet said that the mammary tissue is all dead now and even (look away those of you who don't like gross things) clipped a bunch of it off on Saturday.  I didn't cringe because it doesn't hurt!  It's oozing a lot and super icky, so I'm staying in the guest bathroom until it's all better.

I am feeling TONS better, though!  Thanks for your prayers!  I am playing with toys and eager for attention and eating and drinking lots all by myself.  Hooray!

Meeting Baltazar:

Otter meeting Bjarne:

Chasing Baltazar!  Eek!

Baltazar watches them quite closely.  Who knows when they will chase him again?!

They do amazingly cute things CONSTANTLY.  I could record everything they do and it would still have a very high watchability factor.  They were created to be admired and adored.  (Well, really ALL cats were created to be admired and adored!)

Biting on the ball:

Playing with the ball:

Chair legs are fun, too!

In fact, the whole world is fascinating!

Practicing running:

Three racing kittens!

The situation at Christie & Greg's house:

That WAS the situation, anyway, but now Christie & Greg have erected a force field (made of boxes and boards) around a good portion of the kitchen so that the kittens can have a large area to run around in when we don't want them to have access to the whole house.  It looks bad in an aesthetic, home decor sort of aspect, but it's functional until we find them homes.

Becky sent another photo of Bear & Oreo.  They play hard and sleep hard!

Two of the homes that Christie & Greg had all set up for kittens have fallen through for various reasons, so please keep my sweeties in mind if you know someone who has been thinking of adopting.

Hope you're enjoying the videos of the mobile and entertaining kittens!

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