Monday, May 21, 2012


When they get their forever families, the kittens should be possibly be named Dora (the Explorer!), Neil (for Neil Armstrong!), and Amelia (for Amelia Earhart) - they are interested in every little thing and are wonderful explorers!

Ermine likes to sleep in the basket of toys,

Another reason they're like explorers is because they don't seem to be afraid of anything!  Here's Orca sleeping on the couch (Bjarne is on the back of the couch, keeping his eyes on the kittens).

Orca sleeping again.  They do a lot of exploring, but they also sleep quite a bit.

Three kittens all on top of the scratching post!

Ermine sitting on Greg's lap.  That kitten LOVES people!

Orca likes to sleep between the layers of this faux-fur blankie, and one time he started spurting out!  He just dribbled over the side.

Of course, I also have a number of very cute videos!  At least 30 minutes per day, Christie & Greg let the kittens and I all out at the same time.  They still have to watch carefully because the Ermine likes to try to nurse, and that's not good for her (because my milk got infected when I got mastitis) and it's not good for me (it hurts!)  But we have lots of fun racing around and playing.  I am still pretty young myself, and I love to play with mousies!  Live kittens are even better!

Here's some video of me playing with the kittens:

And the kittens discovered TISSUES!  I never thought tissues could be this much fun!  Ermine discovered them first (I'm whispering because Greg was taking a nap when I recorded these videos yesterday).  In the video, I say it's Orca by accident, but it's not.  It's Ermine.

Then Orca decided it would be a great idea to attack Ermine in the tissue box!

Then Otter discovered them:

Then kittens just went crazy with the tissues!

Please keep your ears open for people who are interested in adopting.  As I mentioned before, some of the homes we had all set up before the kittens were born have fallen through.  Christie & Greg said they would be willing to help with spay/neuter costs, if that's prohibitive to you or people you know.  If you have been following the kittens' development and have a place in your heart and home for a small fluffy person who loves you, e-mail Christie or leave a comment if you'd like to set up a time to come visit the kittens (and me!)

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