Saturday, September 22, 2012


Well, these kittens aren't getting any less cute!  And their personalities are becoming even more endearing as they grow up.  They are five months and two days old today!

They love the laundry basket.

Stephen likes straddling the top of the couch.  He can keep an eye on what's going on over a wide acreage.  

This picture is tiny because it was taken with Christie's cell phone and compressed, but I LOVE it.  Stephen is tasty and silly and sweet.  Kittens are just like candy.  (Only they have fewer calories!)

Almost every time anyone in the house sits down, Allistair is on top of that person.  We enjoy his people-oriented personality!

Allistair curled up behind Daddy:


 He likes to be on top of us even when we're not sitting on the couch . . . sometimes he needs Daddy so much that he has to curl up on Daddy's slippers!

This was done by a small white kitten . . . named Destroy-O!

Stephen sitting by the sliding-glass door.  I want to kiss his long elegant nose.  He comes from a long line of aristocracy!

Sweet face!

Hope you all are having a GREAT weekend and that you have cute fuzzy snuggly people in your house, too!


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