Sunday, February 9, 2014


Baltazar was part of our family from November 2, 1996 to February 4, 2014.  
He was a friendly, silly, cuddly blessing, and we are thankful to have enjoyed 17.5 years with him.

He was a wonderful little brother (to Niobe, who passed away 3 years ago) and a wonderful big brother (to everyone else!), even when the kittens (Allistair & Stephen) came into the family and had no idea that they maybe shouldn't flop down right on top of him to enjoy his soft cushiness.

He was a love.  He blessed our lives, and we miss him.

in 1997!

Baltazar being sweet while enjoying catnip!

Baltazar's cute little "mrrrr-ow" and close-ups of his sweet face:

We miss you, Baltazar.

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