Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Desert with Dad

I had the joy of hiking on Friday with my Daddy!
It was a beautiful day, with a high in the low 70s (though out under the sun, it felt hotter).

We saw an interesting beetle that was taller in the back than in the front 
(maybe he was trying to look big so we'd be scared of him?)

I couldn't get enough of the gorgeous blue sky, sprinkled with white clouds:

 This Cholla (pronounced: "CHOY-uh") had a bird nest in it!

Look at this fantastic Ocotillo, blooming against the beautiful blue sky!

A teeny-tiny little purple flower (it was about 1/8" in diameter):

Cactus spikes, all in a row:

Cactus hairdo:

Ocotillo growing around a Saguaro:

Massive, multi-armed Saguaro! 

More beautiful sky! 
I think I was walking with my eyes on the sky most of the time!

A little chipmunk (on the rock in the middle of the photo):

Dead Cholla:

Cholla bones, close-up:

My favorite Dad:

Three amigos! 

Desert vista:

And In-N-Out to refuel!

Thanks for a great day, Dad!!!
I love you and I'm thankful you and Mom choose to spend time in Arizona in the winter!

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  1. FUN, FUN, FUN. Beautiful pictures. I'm glad your mom & dad are down there too it's an icky winter......