Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Watchin' Birdies + Mom's Wardrobe

Allistair has been watching birdies from behind the curtain . . . 
but then he gets frustrated that he can't see them well enough, so he sneaks under the curtain.

Here he is, as Maria Von Trapp:

And here he is with a cape:

Yesterday my Mom and I spent time creating outfits from some of the new things she's bought while she's been down here in Arizona this winter.  

Here are a few of my favorites:

black & white leopard-print + turquoise + turquoise pattered scarf

denim animal print skirt + either turquoise, pink, or khaki pants

navy sheer sleeves top + pink pants + rose-print scarf

black & gray striped maxi skirt + polka dot top + red sweater + leopard print bag

black & white striped top + purple jeans + watercolor print scarf

yellow top + pink pants + watercolor print scarf

Everything is colorful (my favorite!) and cheerful (another favorite!), and I'm proud that my Mom is willing and eager to play around with her clothes to wear them in new and fun ways!  What a great example for all the rest of us.

I printed out all 60 photos of new possible outfits (and that's with just the items she has here in Arizona - she's got lots more stuff in Minnesota - winter stuff, probably) and put them in a binder for her, along with her inspiration images that I printed from Pinterest and pulled out of magazines to give us ideas.  My own outfits aren't this well thought-out!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Do you hire out ??? Hopefully your mom will share her new knowledge with me and get me with it.....