Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Clouds and Clothes

Bougainvillea and pine tree out my bathroom window

We have had a number of days of glorious cloud cover during the past week!
I always feel perkier and more energetic when the weather is cool and cloudy.  Hurrah!

Our Sweet Acacia tree out my office window

 Because the weather has been so warm so early, we are having a "faux spring" - 
but I don't think it's really "faux".  Sadly.  I think winter is long gone.  But hopefully summer is far away still!

Our baby aloe vera plant is sending up its spring stalks.

Our Chinese elm trees are leafing out.

Fuzzy Claude looking out my office window at the rain

The cats found our rainstorm fascinating!

And I LOVE the rain, too!

My Mom and I have been working hard to fill in the holes in our wardrobes - for me, SOLIDs!
I wanted to replace the flimsy, non-professional t-shirts I used to wear all summer long with real tops.
And finally yesterday, I found some!
Thank you, Ross!

Looks shapeless on the hanger, but it's not.



I put up some Command hooks behind the closet door for my necklaces
(I don't wear that many because I get a major itchy rash when my skin comes into
contact with metal, unless it's GOLD - pampered princess Christie!)
So all the necklaces I have are made from gold or ribbons or beads or leather.
And now I see these every day so I'll be reminded to wear them.

I FINALLY found a fitted, stretchy denim jacket!
This is to wear with all my girly dresses.

And look!  It started out at $99 . . . but I got it for $20!

A very feminine navy lace skirt
(I've had one in black for about 3 years and I wear it all the time!)

The packaging for my new bathing suit said, "enjoy" - love it!

And here's another Ross success story . . . 

I found this lovely chambray shirt.

With little teensy white stars (one of the best prints!)

By a well-known high quality brand.

For $7.99!  I believe I saw this shirt about a year ago when it came out at Macy's for $69.
I can't help but think that Ross's pricing people made a mistake . . . but I won't argue about it!

Juvy was very cute and snuggly last night.
She sat on my lap while I was reading and purred.

Allistair sometimes gets really sad and he cries and cries and I have to sit down on the couch and let him suckle on the faux fur blanket.  He's crazy.

And whenever my digestive system isn't super happy, I just want to eat Popsicles.
But I don't like the orange ones, and I don't really like the purple ones as much, either.
But I found RED ONLY Popsicles at Target!  Yay!  Raspberry, strawberry, and cherry. 

Greg & I have an anniversary coming up on the 16th of March 
(18 years of wedded bliss! - or at least togetherness and love)
and my parents bought us this lovely bird print, which we installed in the master bathroom.
You can't tell from the photo, but the birds are painted with lovely iridescent paint, which I LOVE.
Thanks, Dad & Mom!

Have a lovely Tuesday!

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