Tuesday, March 25, 2014


We lost our little Bjarne last night.

He had been getting sadder and thinner for many months and finally the decision was made to send him on ahead of us into eternity.

He was a Daddy's boy (and always a talker!)

this picture is from around 2000, and it was taken with a low-resolution digital camera -
thus the less great quality!

We like 'em silly!

When the kittens arrived, he was an excellent big brother, allowing Stephen to snuggle him at all sorts of inopportune times.

Thank you, Bjarne, for the many years of love and laughs.
We miss you!


  1. Sorry for your loss my friend! Glad you had so many pictures of him and lots of fun memories!

  2. Just had time to check your blog out and since haven't talked to your mom I didn't know you had had a death in the family. Loosing a pet is very hard, so sorry.....You were a GREAT Mom & Dad to him. BTW if she didn't tell you Sylvia went to heaven on the same day. It's a Happy/Sad....She needed to be well (both congestive heart failure and kidney failure) so she had to leave us to do that. She's with her Lord, dad and her sisters so we know she is happy......