Thursday, April 3, 2014

WIND And Cats On My Desk

Sadly, my parents left to go home to Minnesota.  But before they left, Greg & I got to attend one of my Dad's barbershop chorus concerts!  My Daddy is the tall one right to the left of the director.
Love the music, and we've seen these particular men two or three times, so we feel like we know the performers.  It's fun!

Here are the songs they sang:

My favorite regular songs are "Mary Lou," and "Lida Rose."
This year, I fell in love with, "Dear Hearts and Gentle People".  The words made me a little teary.

My Mom and I both wore navy ballet flats!

I typically work in our great room because it's more central and I don't feel holed up in my office.  But when I'm scanning in curriculum illustrations, I need to be connected by wires to the scanner, so I always go in my office.  The "kittens" (they are huge long cats and turn two on April 21st!) always join me ON MY DESK.

I put a fuzzy blankie on top of the printer I wasn't using at the time, and Stephen sat on it
and watched the birds out the window (that's why he's so alert!)

He also wedged himself behind my laptop (it's warm back there!)

Allistair draped himselve over the keyboard . . . 
look at his cute little reflection in the keyboard!

I had to bundle up in a blanket because I was chilly, which encouraged Allistair to sit on my lap (he loves the fuzzy blankets).

It has been a little on the cool side this week, which makes everyone happy.  We don't need the HOT to come early - we already had a winter without much winter in it.

Yesterday was very windy and chilly.
The palm trees make a cardboard/plastic banging together sort of noise when it's windy because their leaves have such a unique texture.

We had some pretty wispy clouds, too.  They look like calligraphy in a foreign language with a different alphabet! 

The other day, I wore dotted jeans with dotted socks, and then had a beautiful little guy sit on me, so you get a cat picture PLUS a (half) outfit picture at the same time!

And yesterday I dropped by Old Navy, and they had a huge metal shelving unit about 7 feet tall crammed with clearance items.  I got this sweater (in three colors: emerald green, baby blue, and navy) for $4.98 apiece!  They are lovely and thick, yet not heavy.  

Here's an outfit of the day from last week.
I was wearing my lace-print black leggings (Macy's), a turquoise blouse (Target), a ribbon and "pearl" necklace (J. Crew from eBay), and a black & white striped bag (Ross).  

When I was at Sprout's, our local health food store, I saw these funny products:

Get over it!!!

I can't officially recommend either of them, because I haven't tried them, 
but if you need to get over something, give it a try!

Happy April!

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  1. LOVED the polka dot outfit......the others too but polka dots always trump :)