Saturday, April 12, 2014

Summer is Starting . . .

Allistiar loves to sleep belly-up when it's warm.
And this week has been the first week where many of the days have been in the 90s. 

Look at that widdle facey!!!

Here's Claude looking like the princess she is.

Claude has adopted this orange birdie (named Megan) and plays crazy with it.  
It's lovely that she's feeling calm and happy enough to be crazy!

More sleepy Stephen (tongue-out!):

He likes to get into the mesh garbage basket in the bedroom.

Look at that dignified profile!

Allistiar loves to get behind the curtain by the patio door and watch the birdies stealing Juvy's food.
I think he feels sneaky, but his whole front is sticking out and perfectly visible!

And I couldn't help but wear these polka-dot jeans again this week!
I love them with these navy flats.

Happy weekend!

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