Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jell-O & Gatorade

Yep.  It's that time again - it's been almost a year since my first colonoscopy (when I was diganosed with Crohn's Disease) and it's time for a re-check.
This time I am better prepared with a prescription to hopefully prevent the nausea and vomiting so that the preparatory process can be easier and more pleasant.

I am praying that the procedure will show that that the inflammation is GONE and that my intestines are in amazingly good health!  But I have a plan if that's not the case, too.  I'll keep you in suspense on that one - hopefully I won't need that alternate plan!

 In the meantime, I am enjoying my little fuzzy babies and watching, "Murder, She Wrote" on Netflix.
Really good for taking my mind off feeling icky and hungry.

Stephen is enjoying the birdies at the feeder right outside the window:

I imagine he's thinking about eating them, since his tongue is sticking out!

Here's some cuteness for this Wednesday - Allistair washing his little face!

I also found a lovely green spring bag at Ross the other day . . . for $13.99!
I really like this bright green color, and it goes with a LOT of the stuff in my closet.  
I love the boxy shape, and it holds a lot, too!

I recommend checking out the clearance rack at your local Target . . . 
they have some cute cotton shirts on sale!



This one wasn't on clearance yet, but how could I leave it behind?
Polka-dots on my favorite color!

Okay - off to mix Miralax with Gatorade . . . and then drink far too much of it . . . 

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  1. Cute purse! And I would have never guessed you liked Murder, She Wrote. I think it's fun just because so much of the cast changes each time. Lots of interesting actors!