Monday, March 10, 2014

Rock Star? + PERFECT Spring Weather

I cropped out my head in the photo because my hair is wrapped up in a towel
AND because I usually unintentionally make strange faces in the mirror . . . 

Shiny black pants make me think of rock stars.
What you can't tell is that the pants have a lace-print pattern!
That laciness makes me still feel like Christie because it ups the girly factor.


This is my new hot air balloon shirt.

I like how it fits so much that I picked up this one while I was at Target getting groceries today.
I had to ask a sales associate to help me find it and it turns out that there was only one in my size in the whole district of Target stores (I got it from a different Target than the one I was shopping right then, but I picked it up on my way home because it was close).  It's beautiful and the fit is incredible.*
Merona® Women's Favorite Blouse - Assorted Prints

* I had to return this shirt because when I put it on, the background is a weird putty gray color (not pink, as it looks in the picture above), and it made me look as if I was about to vomit!  Sad!  I'll keep looking for a floral shirts with pinks.

I also got this solid . . . 
Merona® Women's Favorite Blouse - Assorted Colors

I even had a coupon; thanks, Target!
I'll be wearing these until they fall apart.

Allistair and Stephen have deposited their favorite toys in a box they found 
that had recently been emptied of whatever treats had arrived in it.

Our weather has been perfect here (though I shouldn't talk too much about our great weather this time of year or everyone in the world will move here and it will be too crowded . . . it DOES get horrible in the spring/summer/fall, so don't get all worked up about how Arizona is better than everywhere else.  Early spring is the sweet spot for us, that's all!)

Our agave are sending up their spikes (when they flower, they attract hummingbirds!).
In the background you can see a pretty yard art that Greg's Mom made for us with the help of a talented friend.  It makes me happy to see that bit of blue out there!

Our verdin are building their hanging-down nests in our front sweet acacia tree.

They look like this:

image from this page

They are probably my favorite bird because they are noisy and chatty and perky and teensy-weensy!
Only a little bigger than a hummingbird.

Our sweet acacia tree is a blooming fool!

Close-up of sweet acacia blossoms.  Pretty!

Our red yucca are sending up their spikes (which the hummingbirds also LOVE!)
These spikes get a LOT taller as the spring goes on!  And then the buds open up into tiny little white flowers.
I will try to remember to capture them digitally when that happens. 

And our Chinese elm trees are leafing out so that the backyard feels like our own private wilderness!

Every day this week is expected to be 80 and sunny (or slightly cloudy).
And the evenings are in the low 50s - PERFECT!  Still cuddle weather.

Enjoy your wilderness, wherever you live!

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  1. Thanks for the encouragement that Spring will come again. We had over 50 yesterday so the snow is melting fast. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the pants and tops. You go girl. They look great on you too !!!!