Thursday, March 13, 2014


Nautical style is popping up all over the place this spring!
I walked into Old Navy with my Mom on Tuesday, and was overwhelmed with images of anchors,
knots, steering wheels, and other boat-y sort of things.

Women's Nautical-Graphic Tees

Perfect for a certain person's cruise coming up . . . 

Women's The Pixie Skinny-Ankle Pants
I actually bought these pants with the weensy little anchors, but
after some at-home test-driving, I decided they were a little too low-rise for my taste.
They're out of the bigger size, so that's not an option. 

Women's Sequined Graphic Sweaters
I bought this one!

Women's Sequined Graphic Sweaters
I bought this one!

Women's Graphic-Crew Sweaters

Women's Graphic-Crew Sweaters

Women's Anchor-Graphic Tees

Women's Snoopy® Nautical Tees

All of the above from

And guess what arrived in the mail today?

Guess we're ready to go!

If you hate mopping the way I do, this tool might help you!
It has batteries so when you push the button on the handle, it squirts out the cleaning fluid, which is stored
in the little container by the bottom (where Allistair is sniffing in the photo).
It smells lovely and made quick work of all the sticky spots and smudges all over the floor.
I'm in love!

Here's more info:

It was a cloudy day today, and my brain wasn't working quite right.
But it was lovely to sit on the couch and look out at the backyard. 

Here's the "awwwwww" moment for the day;
 Allistair and Stephen snuggling.  

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