Sunday, February 23, 2014

Clean Closet!

This winter I have been going through a wardrobe revamp process to make it easier to get dressed and to figure out which purchasing errors I have made (stuff I don't use/wear, for example) so that I don't make those mistakes anymore.  This week I cleaned out my closet and now I love everything in there!
It's a nice feeling to know that I can pick out any piece of clothing and put it on and feel really good in it.

Obviously I love color and pattern . . . in March, my goal is going to be to add in solid summer tops. 

Do you see a little furry Claude face peeking out?

It has been nice any sunny for us in Arizona (unlike for you in the midwest!)
Bjarne enjoys the sunshine:

Cute fuzzy little Claude:

Little Claudie toesies!!!  Look at the fuzz coming out from between her toes!

 Claude very much enjoys closet clean-outs!  She likes lying on top of clothes of any kind!

 Stephen likes drooping over the arm of the couch.

Look how silly he looks!  Like a sloth!

Allistair cleaning himself while keeping his crazy tail in line!

And Stephen found a surprise under the quilt!
YouTube link

Allistair knows what to do if he is chilly!
(Though he didn't really have a reason to be chilly - it was 80 degrees F here today!)

Happy Sunday!

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  1. I LOVE the feeling of getting things organized too. You go girl !!!!